Treating Skin Pigmentation

Treating Skin Pigmentation


I’ve noticed a few people mentioning Aspect Pigment Punch as part of their daily routine, so it’s prompted me to delve into the topic of treating skin pigmentation.

I know I personally tend to be left with dark spots after a blemish on my face and it can take a while for it to fade, I’ve also had friends getting pregnant recently and noticing hormonal pigmentation so the topic has been floating around a bit for me lately. To be honest I’ve never really tried much to get rid of it, I’ve just toughed it out with concealer for a while until it finally fades, but I don’t think it’s the same case with hormonal pigmentation.

So, what do you guys find works best for fading away those dark spots on your skin be it a serum, salon treatment, lifestyle/dietary habits, or home remedy of some sort like lemon juice?


Step 1: sunscreen. Step 2: more sunscreen. And a hat. :upside_down_face:

Silliness aside, any type of pigmentation treatment is a waste of money unless you get serious about sun protection. SPF50+, every day.

For me, a combo of vitamin C, retinol, and lactic acid work wonders. At the moment I am using Hylamide C25, Aspect Exfol L 15, and Cosmedix Refine Plus.

I also had laser once a few years ago, but then all the pigmentation came back when I got pregnant again :tired_face:


Skinstitut Vitamin C and Even Blend Serum are my holy grails. They make a noticeable difference to my dark spots.


How good is it? Ever since I’ve added the even blend serum and vitamin c I have noticed a difference. :blush:


@Glossy @lynnemcallister how quickly did you see a difference? Might have to try it.


A real difference a few weeks. :+1:


It was about three weeks for me.