Treatments for Adult Acne that Actually Work!

Treatments for Adult Acne that Actually Work!


What are the best treatment options for adult acne? I’ve tried all of the below and nothing seems to work… Help!

  1. Skincare - Retinol and tea tree oil.

  2. Dietary changes - Eliminating dairy, chocolate, caffeine, pork, fried foods and all junk; eating more fruit and veggies; drinking 8 glasses of water daily; drinking apple cider vinegar before meals.

  3. Supplements - Liver detox, zinc, chromium and liquid chlorophyll.

  4. Lifestyle changes - Washing pillowcases more often; not touching my face; getting 8 hours sleep every night.

I always tend to get pimples before my period every month - I only get a few of them but they’re huge and always pop up in the most embarrassing spots such as the middle of my forehead or on my nose. I’ve tried discussing it with my GP but my acne is not considered “chronic” so they’ve only ever prescribed creams in the past which would fix the problem temporarily and then I would break out again the next month :frowning:


Hey @jennylo I’m sure there are some good products out there to help your skin. Maybe some exfoliants with AHAs like Alpha-H Liquid Gold?

Otherwise, I’m a huge fan of natural therapies as they tend to work to solve the cause rather than just masking the symptom like allopathic medicine often does. I know you already tried diet and some supplements… usually there’s a lot of hormonal links to acne (hence the link to your period) as well though and perhaps you’re not targeting the right problems.
Have you ever tried Traditional Chinese Medicine? Chinese herbs and acupuncture can work great guns for this, especially if you find a Chinese Doctor that specialises in skin. There are some out there who even do “cosmetic acupuncture” which helps unblock whatever’s going on and helps things circulate. As a bonus, cosmetic acupuncture can promote collagen production and plump up your skin!


This is what helped me! I also use to have big sore acne. Not just on my face, but body as well.
I started with the below regime, and worked my way up to stronger AlphaH serums.

AlphaH triple action cleanser. Removes all my makeup in 1 go!
AlphaH Liquid Gold
Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream
Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel for any sneaky pimples - and this actually works! When I get sneaky pimples appear when I have my period, I pop this on at night, wake up and they are gone, or hardly visible.