UK cosmetics in Australia

UK cosmetics in Australia


Hi all,

Which are the most coveted British skincare / makeup brands that you cannot by within Australia?

Name as many as you wish.


The first brand that comes to mind is Pat McGrath products -

Another brand is My Kit Co - they delivery to Australia, but I believe delivery is based on weight? If you’re planning to buy a few items, it could be quite costly.


OMG I love Pat McGrath @Vanessa_W :star_struck:


Me too! I’ve never be organised enough to get any of her products!


Me either! Im just an instagram stalker! :joy:


The new real techniques blue brushes. I know they are some fancy french ‘blue’ name. Lol Boots skincare and their curl creme.


I’ve always coveted the Kitco proudusts as well as the Kiko.


Oh yeah! I forgot that KIKO is in the UK. Do you own any Kitco products? I really want to get one of their brush belts. :slight_smile:


I have a small collection of their little clear plastic zip up little pouches. They’re about the size and shape of a small lunch box and so handy for seeing what you have. I have mine set up so that all eyeliners together, powders, etc. The god of storage has not smiled upon my ensuite so i have these sitting on a shelf in my WIR.