Ulta3 & N.Y.C. Nail Polishes

Ulta3 & N.Y.C. Nail Polishes


Do any of you use Ulta3 and NYC nail polishes? I absolutely love them and have quite a collection. Bought another 20 NYC polishes today and 4 Ulta3s. Are you addicted? I think I might be :chuckle:


I don’t know why i didn’t see this thread until this morning. I have 27 Ulta 3’s. Love. Love. Love! Still hunting for Orchid. What are your favourites Ms-Jelena? Mine are Pearly Grape, Sweet Violet, Metal, Earl Grey, Purple Pumps, Waterlily, Hollywood and Pink Violet.


I have 71 Ulta3s and 34 NYCs (unless I bought some and forgot to add them to the list - will recheck later). I think I may be [I]slightly[/I] addicted :whistle:

CindiLou, it’s hard to pick favourites with so many, but I really like Spring Shower, Spring Fling, Bon Bon, Allure, Purple Passion, Sweet Violet…I could go on and on :smiley:


Oh and Waterlily is wonderful too!


Oh wow, that’s some collection! I have one NYC, haha, Jellybean, which i love too. I have the feeling you have a different skin tone to me. Most of your favourites don’t suit me, especially Allure. I know a lot of people really love Allure but it doesn’t look good on me. I think pastels aren’t for me.


Pastels are perfect in summer :heartbeat:

For a very long time, I believed that I shouldn’t wear dark colours or reds, because it didn’t suit me. Then I decided to challenge myself and now I wear whatever I like. As long as you are confident, you can pull of any colour :slight_smile:


I’ve got the confidence, i just haven’t got the skin tone for pastels.


I love these nail polishes but very sad to hear that production has moved from Australia to PRC (China). I didn’t realise this until after I bought a whole heap of them. Luckily only a couple were “Made in PRC”.

I tried one of the new Chinese made ones today it was terrible. The formula doesn’t seem to be the same - the colour isn’t like it was - not to mention that the brush was completely defective. It looks like straw & has multiple brush strands going horizontally.

I refuse to buy any more. I’d rather pay more & support Australian jobs producing these nail polishes but I highly doubt the company would move it back. Very bad move.


Yes, it’s very annoying. I’ve bought a couple recently that were made overseas but i haven’t used them yet.


out of 24 that I bought the other day, 13 were made in PRC. Didn’t realise till I got home and haven’t tried them yet.

If the formula is bad, I’ll probably stop buying htem and hope they move their production back to Australia…


Hi KeLLsTar,
We are sorry to hear that feel the quality has changed as a result of us moving our nail enamel production offshore -in line with all the other ulta3 cosmetics, however please be assured that we conducted rigorous quality checks before making this decision and believe the quality is of equal value if not better on some shades.
We acknowledge that we have had an issue with a batch of brushes and have addressed this with our supplier however to date the quality issues we have received about our Chinese made product are less than we receive about the Australian made product.

Again thankyou for your feedback and we hope that you will continue to support the Ulta3 brand because you liked 100+ colors we have to offer not just the fact that the brand was made in Australia.
Please contact our customer service department on either 1800 181 040 or customerservice@heatgroup.com.au to organise your replacement nail polish.