ULTIMATE hand cream!

ULTIMATE hand cream!
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I’ve skimmed through various hand cream posts, and am still on the hunt for my ultimate hand cream holy grail!

In the past I’ve mostly used Neutrogena Norwegian cream which is brilliant for dry hands and nails, but I’m wanting a bit more from my hand cream.

I’m in my mid-40’s now, and have always been a bit of a tom-boy and rough on my hands so naturally it’s starting to show so I’d like a cream that can help improve the look of them.

My wish list would be -
*improves the look of hands (reduces lines, age spots etc)
*isn’t oily, greasy and feels amazing
*smells delicious (definitely not lavender scented!)

All suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:


I love the lanolips rose hand cream - I discovered it about 5ish years ago and have never looked back. A little trick taught to me was to put left over skincare onto the back of your hands as well. Combining both has seen the skin on my hands improve out of sight. I’m an ex nurse and usually our hands are in pretty awful condition - you would never know now.


I second the lanolips hand cream! I’m lanolips obsessed!


Stop what you’re doing and buy Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex. It is THE best hand cream of all time, yet it’s not very well known. I bought it for my mum and her hands have completely transformed - I’m talking reduced crepey skin, reduced age spots, smoother texture etc. I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed! https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/the-chemistry-brand/hand-chemistry-intense-youth-complex-100ml.html


Ooh! Do you think it would be good to use on scaley legs and arms as well @joannafleming?


I was looking at that one yesterday!! I wasn’t sure whether the youth complex, or hydration one would be better and you’ve cleared it up for me. Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:

@christined there’s a heel one that sounds pretty amazing and might be good for legs too.

Thanks for the lanolips tip @tinamiller I’ve heard great things about it.


I’d probably go Lanolips for other dry areas, as the Hand Chemistry isn’t OVERLY moisturising but works very well as an anti-ageing hand cream - I haven’t used it anywhere else so can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness!


The one Hand Cream that turned my callous and rough old hands into young again soft ones was Alpha-H. It happened overnight and I was thrilled. I’d never found a hand cream that could transform my skin so quickly. The smell is quite strong but pleasant and even though it’s very thick you can rub it in until it’s absorbed. They now make one for removing age spots that has a sunscreen in it which I have yet to try because I love the original so much but I have heard very good reports.


I was wondering about that one! Ive just started using their products and was reading their hand cream description. It’s not on Adore though is it, I couldn’t find it.


I am sure I got it from Adore in the past but you are right I can’t find it now, TVSN have an amazing deal at the moment 2x100ml hand cream for $39.95 or one of each of their hand creams (the original and the new one) at 100ml each for $59.95, or $19.95 will get you 30ml hand cream and 30ml body firming cream if you just want to try them. They do charge $10 postage which reduces the more you get. I would still like to try their new one that removes sun spots too see how good it is but I don’t like sunscreens and it is a SPF50+. At this price they will sell out of stock quickly so if you’d like it I’d get it soon.


I think I might try the Hand Chemistry one @joannafleming suggested above. The results sound amazing so I think it’s worth a try. But Alpha-h will be next in line :+1:t3:


The best hand cream I have ever used is the aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm. It is like magic when I put it on my hands as it instantly reduces the look of any wrinkles and smooths out the skin. It is not greasy and has a nice gentle fragrance. This is a balm so it is probably a little more intense than a cream but it definitely doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.


I bought the cream! I’ve just opened my haul and tried it straight away and it’s wonderful! It’s light and rubs in completely without leaving a greasy feeling and it smells nice too! Not overpowering, just a subtle scent - slightly citrus maybe. My hands even looked slightly more plump. Thank you so so much for recommending this @joannafleming


Amazing! Wait til you’ve been using it for 2 weeks, you’ll be amazed (should’ve told you to take some before & after!) Enjoy x


Aesop handcream is amazing