Ultraceuticals Mineral Makeup Help

Ultraceuticals Mineral Makeup Help


Hi guys I purchased the U/C Mineral makeup in beige last week after hearing all of your rave reviews on how great it is. However I think I must be doing something wrong in my application as it just seems to sit on the surface of my skin and looks a little cakey.

Am I right in assuming you don’t need a liquid foundation underneith it? I applied it with a very large brush rather than the applicator sponge thing that came with it. I made sure my skin was well moisturised before I applied it. Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it is?


Hey PCC,

No you don’t need liquid foundation underneath it.
Are you waiting a few minutes for your moisturiser to sink in? I find the powder can “stick” a bit if your skin is too moist.

Also, you need to apply with a very light hand. Give your skin the very lightest dusting to start with, as you can always add more to build up the coverage if you need to.

I did find myself that it took a few goes to get the hang of the application.


Yep, what Kate said. I didn’t like it for the first couple of applications but now I am hooked. I am better at applying it and prefer the more natural look of it. Let us know how you go!


What they said. PCC with your skin you probably only need to dust a little in your t-zone anyway.


Diito everyone else. Its normal for minerals to have some “settling time” and for you to feel a bit powdery. I have dusted it over we moisturiser before and got a bit of cakage. Keep perservering. :waving::glee: Let us know how u go!!:hugs:


sorry pcc we probably should have warned u , apply it very ,very lightly at first building up the layers & it will settle back down , it takes a bit of getting used to how it looks , feels & goes on .
having an oily t-zone i have always found foundation a bit dewy so this was a bit of a shock at first , being so matte


The other thing is that mineral foundation takes some getting used to. I wasn’t sure of it at first but now I love it. Sometimes I wear it without moisturiser underneath but it doesn’t work as well that way. I use a fairly light moisturiser, wait for it to sink in a bit and then lightly apply - altough mine comes with a sponge which I find easier than a brush.


Yea i find mine gets a little cakey around the eyes etc but it does wear great! I have the Bloom one, not the U/C but im sure caking is not exclusine to U/C.

If i want a bit more coverage for going out etc i dust some over my liquid or for real minimal days i just use a bit on my t-zone over top of moisturiser, no liquid foundation.

Oh and PC really try buffing it in, i find that helps.


Can you wear Mineral make-up in Winter or is it best suited to the warmer months???


Oh I looove my mineral make up!! I wear the everyday minerals in semi matte-yep princess p it’s just as good in winter!!I tried liqiud foundation on the weekend not having worn anything but minerals for about 8 months,and I had to wash it right off!!it felt like a heavy mask:shockedhair: just awful!! I would never wear anything other than minerals again.


pinkcupcake I recently tried a new way to apply the minerals and I’m hooked!! I dampen my flat top brush(similar to the MAC 187) before i swirl it in the minerals,then just buff on to skin and wow you get this amazing airbrushed looking skin!!:hearts: am in love with my make up done this way! btw I’ve only used water so far but heard that you can use any face spritz eg the MAC charged water.


Thanks for sharing your tip LBB! I gave up on my U/C Mineral Makeup and sent it off to RBB as she loves it. I do love M.A.C’s liquid Mineral foundation though.


I’ve never tried the liquid mineral ones,I did get the invisible zinc one though.I tried to love it I really did but it feels so …thick! only way I can describe it.:no: can’t go back to liquids.


I have always preferred liquids but I usually use liquid with a touch of powder over the top. M.A.C Blot powder is brilliantt for my slightly oily t-zone as it eliminates shine and is weightless!!


This goes against everything I believe but I like to spritz some rosewater toner or the like VERY lightly over a layer of mineral makeup. I find that it looks way artificial if I don’t do this. Everyone’s right though, it does settle in after a while somehow.

Another mineral makeup thing that I do when I’m wearing sunscreen is dust a thin layer of transluscent loose powder all over before buffing in the foundation. It takes the stickiness/tackiness out of the sunscreen and allows for much smoother blending. I also do this when I’m wearing powder blush with a zinc sunscreen.


newbie question

Hi ladies

I am soooo mad keen on trying the UC mineral makeup but just wanted to ask a really no brainer question that you will all probably laugh at…but here goes
I am used to wearing Revlon colourstay liquid foundation and a transluscent powder over the top. I like the look that gives. But if I wanted to give mineral make up a try whilst still achieving a similar (matte finish) do I use UC and then use the transluscent powder over the top, or does the UC bypass the need for a setting powder stage?
Argh I’ve tried reading so much on the forum but I just need this one question answered :rollthoseeyes:
Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Clairebo! Welcome to the Forum :waving:

You shouldn’t need a translucent powder over the UC Mineral Foundation. Some mineral foundations are quite shiny and can be used with a translucent powder, but the UC one is matte in finish and won’t require a setting powder :wink:


Thanks Celeste for the welcome and the advice! The UC foundation sounds perfect to me in that case! Can’t wait to try some!:clapping:


Simple Q.

What colour would I be if I use the IZ tinted daywear in original? Maybe a touch lighter than that?


[QUOTE=kit_kat68;217717]Simple Q.

What colour would I be if I use the IZ tinted daywear in original? Maybe a touch lighter than that?[/QUOTE]

I would suggest Latte!