Vitamin C 🤨

Vitamin C :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Okay, as I read through everyones topics I can see a trend. Everyone is talking about Vitamin C.

As far as I know, you drink orange juice and take Vitamin C tablets when you have the flu :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So should I be using Vitamin C on my face?
What are the benefits?
Am I already using it and just dont know?
Let me in on your secret ladies!! :star_struck:


@annettebisinella Vitamin C plays a vital role in collagen synthesis, cell renewal and is also an anti-oxidant which is why it’s so awesome for your skin! So yes, Vitamin C products on your face are awesome.


So its a more natural way of achieving cell renewal?
I like the sound of that.
Any recommendations for products?


I’ve previously used Ole Henrikson’s Vitamin C serum which was pretty good. I’m keen to try stuff from The Ordinary now though. They have 2 which I’m looking at.

I was originally looking at the Vitamin C Suspension which is meant to be potent but worried it could be too strong to start with.

@Shannon_Staff is the Ordinary guru and recommended this one to me as her fave though as it’s a bit gentler so I’m thinking of this one.


I have added them both to my wishlist @christined. Im so excited to try all the products from The Ordinary! Thank you!!


Hey @annettebisinella!

Ahahah yes @christined is spot on, I love the 12% for being more lightweight, yet still very effective.

I prefer to recommend Vitamin C for its antioxidant effects rather than its cell renewal properties - the stronger the Vitamin C the more exfoliation you’ll likely get, which can be extremely effective for some people… however if you’re already using an exfoliant it may be overkill. Hard to generalise on this one and I reckon there’s a lot of misinformation, but broadly speaking most people can benefit from a Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is pretty much essential for protecting your skin during the day, it’s an antioxidant that protects your skin from environmental aggressors - stronger forms of Vitamin C can also act as exfoliants, so it’s always better to start off slow.

I tend to recommend the 12% that Christine linked above. The higher the concentration of C, the harder the texture is to work with (in my opinion!). Many Vitamin C serums are incredibly rich, and if you’re combination to oily you may find it hard to pick a Vitamin C that doesn’t leave you shiny haha!

I use the 23% on my arms actually - it is extremely concentrated to the point where it feels a bit gritty, however it’s very effective and I’ve been seeing results… personally I wouldn’t be able to use it on my face though. Between the exfoliation that I’m already getting elsewhere, and the protection that I can get using a less concentrated vitamin C, I’m happy with the 12% and that’s usually what I recommend except for people who are already regular users of C :slight_smile:

Best Vitamin C serum suggestions

It’s hard to talk about how the concentrations can differ without being accidentally misleading - I just noticed I said “stronger forms of Vitamin C can also act as exfoliants” when really, any form can, however it depends on a lot of factors… like what skin type you have, what you’re already using on your skin, what moisturiser you put on afterwards…

Complicated right?

Keep it simple, stick to the lower percentages!

It is VERY ideal for people who have pigmentation and uneven skin tone, as it protects the skin from further damage and does give you that gentle exfoliation.


@Shannon_Staff I really appreciate you explaining that! I already use liquid gold as an exfoliant but only at night.
So I might try it in small doses in the morning and see how I go. As I also have oily skin.

But thats a great tip about arms! Might be worth adding some drops to my body lotion and giving that a go too.

Thank you, this was super helpful. Has made me aware of the adverse effects, so not to go too strong with it.


I dissolve some vitamin C powder in some water.(if it is distilled then it is better) and then put some glycerin in it. It will moisturize and keep the skin soft. I use it and have a clear skin. Do not use vitamin C in huge amount directly on the skin as it can burn the skin. Vitamin C increases collagen production and you can get rid of wrinkles too.


you can try Neutrogena Fine Fairness Seruum. Its good.