Welcome! Come say hello

Welcome! Come say hello


Hi Adorables,

The forum is officially up and running again and it’s great to have you on board. The introductions section is a place for you to come and say hi, tell us a little about yourself and to mingle with like-minded beauty product lovers.

We’d love to know where you’re from, what makes you tick, what beauty and body products make you go weak at the knees. We also want to make sure the forum is a happy place for everyone so please lay down those virtual guns, be kind to each other and always remember that another human is always at the end of your replies. :tulip:

To get the ball rolling, I’m Christine and I’ll be your Community Manager on the Adore Beauty Forum! :grin: I’ll be here anytime you have a query, or just need a virtual hug.

When I’m not in my hometown of Melbourne you’ll find me jumping a plane as often as I can afford a holiday. I love travelling. I also love food. Lots of good food!
When it comes to body and beauty products, I tend to lean towards being a bit of a health nerd and love to find the natural/organic version of everything out there if I can. The challenge is finding natural products that work really well. To date I’m a big fan of Inika and Ere Perez and constantly searching for new favourites. I do also love a good classic red lipstick and nailpolish and I can’t live without my hair straightener!

Anyway, looking forward to hanging with you lovelies on the forum. Please don’t be afraid shoot me a message and say hi and get amongst the beauty chit chat on the forum. :heart:.

Christine x


Hi Adorables,

I think this will be a fun and up-n-up place to share my enjoyment of using makeup, playing with ideas and perfecting the art; if only on my own face. Which reminds me, the other night I remembered I’ve been interested and had a good hand in make-up application since my teens. I used to do my friends make up often, particulary the liquid eye-liner :star_struck:

I’m a big believer in the best place to start is to have as flawless skin as possible, which means I’m as attentive to my skin care products as makeup. As I glide through the decades I feel there’s no fun in trying to hide who I am but rather put my best ‘face’ out there, lol

Though not a skin care product as such, I’m a huge fan of LED treatment facials…

I love a bold lip when the occassion permits, all shades, oranges, plums, vintage hues and of course a stunning hot red lip! Come to think of it, this is an area I haven’t played with beyond using the stick to apply; hmmmm brushes and liners might be getting a look in very soon!

I’m a bit of a mascara snob, but OMG just discovered Tubular Mascara! Wow, fav part is the lack of panda eye - but at the same time my Kevin Aucoin volume mascara also delivers with a great small brush that separates, lengthens and is perfect for the lower lashes.

Bronzers and shimmers {insert guilty face}, probably have far too many in the collection… but hey, plenty to share. Feel so spesh applying my Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer or my HourGlass Rose Gold Flash.

Of late I’m updating my brushes, had an great little MAC travel kit purchased through duty free in 2002! Time to replace and just ordered a couple of Sigma brushes :slight_smile:

I’ve found the Inglot YSM foundation no. 49 to be a great shade for me thats not heavy at all but a great coverage that feels light and doesn’t look at all cakey. Day to day though I dust over a compact…

And we all know the Brows is where its at, recently invested in brow feathering which was great BUT again, discovery of the month was HourGlass Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel! Really, what the, this stuff makes my brows look as full and thick as my 16 year old self. Love it as does my bestie.

Well gosh there goes an inventory of my makeup loves, pack, and indulgences, am looking forward to our adventures together.

Dani xxx


Hello Dear ones,

I feel this would be a lovely place to discuss about beauty, make-up, beauty products, latest trends etc. Lets all share our tips with everyone and let them even shine.
I normally prefer all natural home made products.

Lets all have a great beauty chit-chat