We're Crushing On These Brand New Brushes

We're Crushing On These Brand New Brushes


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I’ve always been a huge fan of Real Techniques, since before I was even in the beauty industry. Actually, come to think of it, my first set of brushes were Real Techniques - and I still buy them to this day. Their high-quality, affordable ranges make it achievable for beauty beginners to have access to professional-grade brushes on a budget.

You’ll often recognise Real Techniques brushes for their distinctive coloured metallic and black handles - so I don’t think you would’ve picked their latest limited edition range out of a line-up. Let’s just say, if you’re into glitter, you’re going to love this.

I’ve picked out my must-have brushes from the new limited edition Brush Crush range to cover everything from blending to blush.

For Rosy Cheeks: 302 Blush Brush

I'm so obsessed with blush right now, and I find a soft blush brush to be the key to seamless application - this one doesn't disappoint.
  • The triangle tip concentrates blush on the apples of cheeks

  • Soft bristles make it super easy to sweep out the product across the cheeks

  • Can be used for other powder products like highlighters

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For The Perfect Base: Diamond Sponge

Of course I had to put a sponge in here. The 301 Foundation Brush is very good, but I personally prefer to buff in my foundation with a damp sponge.
  • The uniquely shaped sponge makes it super versatile

  • Can be used to to blend foundation, concealer, cream blush & liquid highlighter

  • Works best for blending with damp, but can be used dry to correct mistakes

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For A Poppin' Highlight: 304 Fan Brush

The most Instagrammable brush in the whole range - the fan brush, of course. The highlighter revolution brought this brush into existence.
  • The delicate cut softly sweeps and dusts on powder highlighters

  • Allows you to gently build up your desired glow with super soft bristles

  • Shaped to apply highlighter to the cheekbones, down the nose & Cupid’s bow

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For Perfect Blending: 305 Shadow Brush

Unblended eyeshadow has to be 2018's biggest makeup faux pas. This is one of my favourite brushes, as I love softly blended out shadows.
  • The softly tapered tip ehlps you to seamlessly blend eye shadow

  • It flexible & non-scratchy so it’s very comfortable to use on your eyes

  • Can also be used to apply highlighter to brow bones & down the nose

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