What are some great beauty hacks?

What are some great beauty hacks?


Who has some great beauty hacks they can share?


Awesome question @amandahaimes . One of my discoveries in the past 12 months is the Dr Bronner Castile soap. I usually use it as a body wash but what I love is that it’s made for multiple uses! - You can also use it as a shampoo, hand wash or you can dilute it and use for washing clothing or household cleaning in a spray bottle. It’s now one of my travel staples as it saves me bringing multiple different bottles of product knowing I can get a few different uses out of the one product… and ahem, save more space in my suitcase for shopping on my travels.

The Citrus scent is currently my fave!


Add a drop or two of oil to your foundation (this works best with silicone based foundations) to give your foundation a slightly glowy finish. You can use pretty much any facial oil. I love camellia oil for this.


That’s great hack. @tinamiller


The blue Cocoon MAY LINDSTORM Skin beauty hack for dry skin.