What are your favourite lip balms?

What are your favourite lip balms?


You know how some people constantly find random bobby pins and hair elastics at the bottom of bags and pockets and drawers? That’s what my life with lip balms is like! I can’t live without a good lip balm on hand and I have so many running around the place I can’t keep count. My current lip hoard favourites are as below:

  • Salus Vanilla Lip Balm - Love this lip balm from Melbourne local, Salus. It’s all natural with a great subtle vanilla scene and comes in a cute little metal tub. If anything my only complained would be that because it’s wax based it tends to get a little hard in colder seasons and takes more effort to get a good swab of balm out

  • Pure Papaya Lips - Classic paw paw in a tube kinda stuff BUT it’s 100% natural. I switched to this after finding out that my previous paw paw actually had parabens in it which I wasn’t keen on. This is a little pricier and comes in a smaller tube but it also has calendula added to it and paraben free makes me feel a lot better about using this so often

  • Korres Lip Butter - I am obsessed with Greek beauty brand, Korres and the lip butter is no exception. They come in a little tub in various tints ranging from natural to a darker red like “Wild Rose” which is my favourite that I currently have on the go. Great for a little colour on the lips without having to put in too much effort.

  • Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment - Love love love this one! I’ve only been able to find this brand in the USA at this stage so usually grab it while I’m over there. It comes in an easy to use wind-up lipstick style stick. Like Korres, this comes in a range of different tints. My absolute favourite is ‘Rosé’ which adds a beautiful sheer pink tone to my lips so you barely know I have something on. What I also really love is the fact that it’s SPF 15+ friendly… so no burns on those smackers in summer!

What are your fave balms, both plain and tinted and why?


Oh I can totally relate! If I forget my lip balm I end up buying a new one and have so many floating amongst bags, pockets and rooms in my house! Once or twice a year I have a bit of a cleanout and mourn the loss of the lip balms as the older ones get put in the bin. I get a bit paranoid about bacteria on them, you know?

At the moment I’ve got the following on the go:

  • Jane Iredale Sheer Lip Drink.
    I actually got this as a mini sample ages ago from Adore and it’s a winner! No colour and really moisturising. I keep it beside my bed for pre sleep application.

  • Jane Iredale Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Stain.
    Not as moisturising as the lip drink, but the super subtle colour is handy for a non lipstick wearer like me. It doubles as cheek stain which is a nifty two-in-one if I need to throw something in my bag for the day.

  • Weleda Lip Balm in Rose.
    I like the squeezy applicator on this one. It’s thick with some colour to give my lips a little oompf. It’s a little too sticky for my liking, but it’s highly moisturising and does seem to stay on for a long time which is probably a good trade off.

The other product I’m currently using for dry winter lips is not a lip balm at all but the Cosmedix Rescue Balm. This stuff is an absolute saver when my lips get super dry and sore during a week or so of winter. I also use it on flights and as the occasional overnight treatment for my entire face (and lips!) in winter. Super hydration.


Go directly to Lanolips 101 Ointment. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

This is my all time favourite, I have thrown all my others out and just have these stashed everywhere. That said the Pear and Peach versions are also quite nice. (But the original is still the best.)


There goes my resolve to keep my lip balms under control!

Here’s an interesting question @KateMorrisCEO - what’s the go with people who have wool allergies? Can they use products with Lanolin? I’m not allergic but I have friends who are and wonder if they can use these sorts of products?


very interesting question @tresnalee … as I understand it, the lanolin used in Lanolips is purified to medical grade, so many people who can’t use regular lanolin can use Lanolips without issues. But you’d still probably want to do a patch test.


Will have to get them to try mine out when I buy this!


This sounds awesome @KateMorrisCEO! I like the sound of the Peach. Will have to add to my collection.


I’m allergic to wool and whilst I can use Lanolips I have to be careful. I can use it once or twice a day with no problems, but if I use it any more I have a reaction.


Ok I’m a convert! I just started using the Strawberry Lanolips and it’s awesome and I love the subtle strawberry scent. I feel like I should also invest in the classic 101 ointment but love the idea of different scents as well… the lemon and banana sound enticing.


Woo hoo! So glad you like it. Peach and Pear are both good too but the classic 101 is the best IMHO.

Lemon has a different formula, it’s slightly exfoliating. Banana has a shimmer through it which is a bit pale for me.


I just cant do without a lip balm. I find a strawberry lip balm to be very effective. Lip Ice Baby Pink Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm is a great one


@katebrownell if you love strawberry you should try the Lanolips strawberry lipbalm. It’s amazing! My new favourite discovery


My all time favorite is Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Anti Oxidant Berry


Favourite balm is Lanolips, I have the Mulberry version which is the perfect subtle berry tint (it was limited edition but they’ve brought it back more than once so hoping they do so again!)


My absolute favourite lip balm is Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm.

It is the only lip balm I have ever re-purchased many many times and I will continue to do so until they discontinue it (hopefully never)!

I’m not big on hoarding makeup anymore but I have two backups of these in my stash at home :smiley:

I love that I only need to apply it at night before bed and I can wake up with lips which stay hydrated the entire next day. It also smells lovely and leaves a matte finish :slight_smile:


I must try this out.


Minted rose lip balm is my all time favorite. It is very effective in winters especially when I used to go for outing.