What are your favourite Make Up For Ever products?

What are your favourite Make Up For Ever products?


Are there any other Make Up For Ever fans in here? Well the exciting news is that they’ll be launching on the Adore website sometime in December!! Woo hoo.
I’m a big fan of their loose metal powders! Not only are they fun but they’re also 100% natural which is a big plus for me.
What are your fave products of theirs?


That’s exciting! I don’t own any but I’m looking forward to giving afterpay a bit of a workout and getting my hands on some!

Make Up For Ever Is Here: What Are Your Must-Haves?

I have never used any of their products, but I believe their lipsticks and eyeliners are very good.


Yes! I really want to try their stick foundation!:heart_eyes:


The Ultra HD Foundation is my holy grail base, it gives a flawless finish. Their mascara, eye pencils & lipsticks are amazing as well. Would love to try the Ultra HD Skin Booster.


I’m currently using the Ultra HD Loose Powder Microfinishing Powder which has replaced my RCMA - No Colour Powder. The powder is extremely finely milled that doesn’t cake or make your skin feel tight or dry. It has a velvety finish and makes your foundation stay on all day! Also, it has a mesh insert which prevents the powder from going everywhere and controls how much you use.


Omg this is so exciting!!! The hydrating primer and the mist & fix setting spray are staples in my routine… couldn’t live without them! I’m also dying to try out the ultra HD foundation


Wohoo!!! I love this brand


I’ve used up their HD powder a couple times now! I love anything that finishes without looking too matte so it’s perfect for me.


Loving the hydrating primer and the Ultra HD foundation! The lipstick I have is really nice too (Artist Rouge Creme).


I really like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Waterproof Corrector. The product was easier to work with than a brow pomade and it lasted me a long time. I prefer a natural look for brows, and I did not end up with the heavy Instagram brow look. I’m now trying other brow products but I will probably return to the Make Up For Ever product in the future: