What are your favourite scented candles?

What are your favourite scented candles?
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Ooh I love having a good candle burning while I’m lounging around the house or even better, in the bath! I’m really loving Voluspa at the moment. I find that they’re really great at giving out a strong enough scent whilst burning, without being too sickly sweet. I’m currently swapping between their ‘Crane Flower’ and ‘Goji Tarocco Orange’. I also love the big jars they come in as they give off a beautiful lantern like effect when the candles are burning inside them.
That said, I’m always on the look out for a new candle to try. I’d love to hear what your favourites are and why?


I am obsessed with great scents for my home and it’s one of my favourite purchases when I travel as it’s a nice way to remember a holiday (I’m also mostly a minimalist so items I can wear, eat or finish are ideal!) I do find I can be sensitive to some synthetic smells though, so with candles and incense I have to test them out and then tend to go back to brands that don’t trigger sensitivities.

I have unusual brands I’ve picked up in America, Europe and Asia but ones I know you can purchase in Australia include some Diptyk, Clean Slate, Sohum and Lumira. I like them all.

The Lumira ones are probably my favourite in terms of great scents that can fill a room without overpowering. They also burn really evenly and cleanly meaning you get the full value of the candle (how annoying is it when candles burn wonky and then you have to chuck them out because the wick drowns?). I’ve been burning the Cuban Tobaccco and the Tunisian Mint on and off for easily over a year and they still smell great. I’ve got my eye on the Balinese Ylang Ylang and the Oud scents.:heart_eyes_cat:


Ohhhh so many candles.

I am with you on the Lumira @tresnalee, lovely scents and not too over the top.

My all time favourite is Voluspa Baltic Amber. It is like the snuggly cashmere trackpants of candles :heart:


This is my one and only! GH Kyoto wouldn’t have much competition if not for Lumira Cuban Tobacco…


Glasshouse, hands down! Especially the fruit scented, like Saigon. Soft scent and last for aaaages. Makes my house smell delicious despite two dogs and a baby :slight_smile:


GH Kyoto is hard to beat, it’s just so gorgeous a fragrance!


Absolutely love Tahaa and Kyoto from Glasshouse as well as the limited edition Rendevous candle.


Dusk Tibet (Lychee & Black Tea) and Ecoya Vanilla (one of many enabled purchases thanks to this forum from years back lol)


Look what just arrived! :grinning:

(Note the empty Tim Tam wrapper! :joy:)


My latest candle is the Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang. It’s good but can’t beat Cuban Tobacco!


I love the green tea and lemon grass soy candle from Hart and co. Nothing like snuggling on the couch on a cold winter afternoon with this beautiful but subtle scent.


I have just purchased the Lumira Cuban Tobacco - stand by for a full review! I am also obsessed with Diptyque but can’t justify the money just yet…

The Glasshouse candles are such classics. I really love lemongrass - it makes everything smell so fresh!

I am also a big fan of burning oils. The scent is often a lot stronger but really fills the room - plus they last a lot longer. They Aesop blend is really nice

I also like the essential oil blends from Perfect Potion - ‘Insight’ is particularly good and is supposed to ‘enhance your understanding of the world’.


Absolutely love Ecoya Lotus flower and the sweet pea and jasmine most favourite candles in the world!


:heart_eyes:@jackie_d I think Cuban Tobacco is the best smell. What do you think?


@tresnalee I am OBSESSED WITH IT! I am already half-way through it. Need to order a new one soon.


For a rich sensuous aroma chocolate scented candle is good. It will remind you of your favorite treat and it is a unique scent. For a neutral scent that is a little muskier than others try sandalwood. Last but not the least, green apple or apple scented candles will make you fall in love with them.