What Beauty Tips Can You Share With Us?

What Beauty Tips Can You Share With Us?


Hi everyone, so I have quite a few beauty tips that I wanted to share with you all and hoping you’ll share your beauty tips with me too so we can all benefit :blush: My beauty tips: 1. Use a hydrating serum under my eye instead of a primer to prevent packing on too much product and prevent my under eye creasing when I apply makeup. 2. Use BECCA Under Eye Brightening Correct after then apply makeup as usual. 3. Use Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan Oil for dry hair plus apply Argan Oil at the ends before styling to give it shine. 4. Use a leave in treatment that contains Keratin regularly so that I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a professional Keratin treatment at the hair salon & I do my own Keratin Mask on my hair once a week. 5. Wrap my hair in a t-shirt to prevent breakage and only wash once a week, use dry shampoo in between - I use Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo from Adore Beauty. 6. Use a hydrating serum before applying my normal day or night cream to help hydrate my skin during winter - I’m using Dior Capture Totale High Performance Serum Lotion and I love it. 7. Use an illuminating bronzing drop mixed in with my matte full coverage foundation to get a full coverage dewy foundation - everyone keeps telling me I look glowing when really I have dry skin and I look like death because I’m 33 weeks pregnant & have a toddler, need I say more - I use Cover FX Enhance Drop from Sephora 8. Olive Oil and lemon Elixir; 1 shot glass of Olive Oil with juice from half a lemon to help strengthen hair, nails, and skin - I drink this once a day at any time its also healthy for your insides (bonus :wink::+1:)9. Hydrate lips overnight with one simple product - Dior Lip Maximuzier, it’s a lip plumper but more importantly it hydrates my lips the more I use it. No more dry cracked winter lips. 10. Clean your beauty blender & brushes regularly to prevent skin irritations one simple cheap method I use is 1 cup of water, 1tbsp White Vinegar, 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid, soak beauty blender for 20mins then squeeze under running water until water runs clear - super clean, super cheap & super easy. I hope some of my tips help you.
Can’t wait to hear some new tips from you lovely ladies :grin:


Whoa @melissaD so much useful stuff to go on here!! Love these tips. I’m particularly intrigued about the Dior lip Maximizier. Not so much for plumping but I have super dry lips through winter and really need something to help right now.

I also love the lemon and olive oil tip. I’ve heard this is a good detoxifier too, it helps your liver purge nasties if you drink it first thing in the morning. I love natural tips like this… so one I’ll contribute is - Bone Broth! It is amazing for your skin as it’s full of collagen. I started making my own in the slow cooker with organic bones and veggies and freeze a bunch. I try to have a cup a day either by adding it to soups or cooking or just drinking straight with some seasoning. People always compliment me on how great my skin looks when I do this regularly.


Great tip!! :slight_smile: