What Costs Under $20 & Guarantees A Flawless Finish?

What Costs Under $20 & Guarantees A Flawless Finish?


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Some of us a strictly makeup brush users, and I don’t plan to pry your favourite brush from your fingers, but being a brush and sponge user, I feel I can vouch for the benefits of both tools. I do feel it’s my duty to inform you brush users what you’re missing out on with this particular sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complex Sponge is up there with my favourite makeup tools (alongside the Expert Face Brush), because it simplifies the application process, without compromising your finish. It allows you to create that flawless base without any streaks or cakiness - and it’s $16.99!

What Do I Use It For?

The shape of the Miracle Complexion Sponge has been specifically designed for three different uses:

Rounded side: Ideal for stippling & blending liquid or cream products into the skin

Pointed Tip: Allows you to precisely target & cover blemishes/imperfections

Flat Edge: This feature ensures you can reach the contours around the eyes & nose

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Application Tips & Tricks:

I think the best part about this sponge is that it can be used wet and dry (I have two in reserve for this purpose) to apply both liquid and powder products.

Dampening your sponge:

I like to use a face mist to dampen my blending sponge before use - I find you can control the dampness level a bit better than if you were running it under a tap, because you don't want it to be soaking.

Applying foundation:

You can sheer out your coverage by using the rounded side or flat edge in quick strokes to apply your liquid foundation. I personally like to apply my foundation really roughly with my Expert Face Brush, then I go in with my Miracle Complexion Sponge on the flat edge and press the foundation into my skin to eliminate streaks and give me a flawless finish. Honestly, my makeup has never looked so good.

Applying Powder:

Using your dry sponge, you can use your setting powder super effectively - especially if you're someone who just sets under your eyes and your T-zone, like me. Simply pick up the powder on the sponge and use a press and roll motion to really set the powder into the skin. This will keep excess shine away all day.

To watch the Miracle Complex Sponge in action, check out the tutorial below:

How To Clean:

Clean makeup tools are essential! And luckily this sponge is super easy to clean - it literally takes 1 minute to clean, and it takes so much less time that my brushes to dry.
  • Fill a bowl or sink with warm water & a gentle cleaning agent like Dr Bronner’s

  • Submerge the sponge & gently squeeze out excess buildup of product

  • Squeeze out remaining water & allow to dry

I often empty the water and refill once or twice and continue to squeeze my sponge til the water is clear. I also like to squeeze a small amount of Dr Bronner’s directly onto the sponge and work it into a lather to ensure the most thorough clean possible.

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What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Fantastic! - Tianna

"This sponge is so much better than the other ones I have been using, I didn't realise what a difference a good quality blender made until I used this one! Give me such a smooth complexion, so happy I bought this!"

★★★★★ So soft! - Taylah

"This sponge is absolutely amazing, When damp it gives the most flawless makeup application! It feels so soft on the skin - and has a perfect pointed tip for those harder to reach places and the under eyes! Surprisingly easy to clean, and great for on the go!"

★★★★★ Perfect! - Kelsey

"This is the best make up blender/sponge I've used! So soft, so easy to use wet or dry. Helps me create flawless coverage with my foundation and also blend out my concealer and contour to perfection! Love!"

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