What Foundation provides max. coverage without going shiny?

What Foundation provides max. coverage without going shiny?
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Hi there,

I’m currently using a Napoleon Perdis Foundation stick and the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish powder, however I find that by the mid-morning my face is really shiny and needs blotting! I also think that using such a heavy product is causing me to break out more than I should and it runs and looks terrible when I sweat so it’s bad for summertime!

Can anyone recommend any other foundations that have really high coverage that won’t go shiny during the day? I like my foundation to even out skin tone, not sit in my fine lines and to help cover red pimples when I have them. I’m also trying to reduce the amount of powder I use as I think it sits in my fine lines and makes them stand out even more!

Any assistance would be much appreciated, I haven’t been able to find a product that provides as good coverage as the Napoleon foundation stick.

Louise :slight_smile:


Hi Louise,

Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

Firstly, I can definitely recommend using something like the Skindinavia No More Shine Setting Spray before you apply your foundation. Simply cleanse you face as usual, apply your moisturiser and let it settle into your skin for around 10-15 mins. Once your moisturiser is absorbed, spritz your face lightly with the setting spray and allow it to dry for 5 minutes. The Skindinavia spray really helps oiliness from breaking through your foundation throughout the day.

Some great foundations great for oil control and coverage are:

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder which is very long-wearing and waterproof:

And the Becca Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation is great for hot days, or if you skin is particularly oily:

I hope this is helpful, let me know how you go :slight_smile:

Channel x