What fragrance are you using today?

What fragrance are you using today?


Today’s spritz of the day for me is Chloé’s ‘Roses De Chloé’!

I tend to find a favourite and wear it most days for a while until I get bored and move on to something fresh. This is my current fave.

What fragrance are you lovelies sporting today?


Cold weather makes me want rich perfumes! Today it’s Korrigan from Lubin.


Today I trying to channel sunshine and happiness! I’m wearing B by Balenciaga.


I just bought Lumira’s Cuban Tobacco… I’ll review it after a few days of wear, so excited that one of my fav candles is also a perfume oil!


I’ve been wearing the same perfume since 2010! When I was travelling through Paris I kept stumbling upon this scent. Chloé Signature Eau De Parfum is my signature scent for sure. On weekends when I’m running around though, I wear L’Occitane’s Arlésienne Eau de Toilette, it’s light, feminine and fresh.

I have a weakness for mens cologne too, one of my recent favourites is Armani’s Eau de Cedre!


That L’Occitane scent you mentioned sounds down my alley @Shanthi_Staff! I love a scent that gives you that light perfumed, fresh out of the shower and not so over powering feel. What sort of fragrance notes does it have?


It has notes of Rose, Violet and Saffron @christined x


Oh I love a touch of rose! I’m so there @shanthi_staff. Thanks for the recommendation x


Shaking it up today with one I haven’t used in a while. Stella by Stella McCartney. You know I’m a sucker for a bit of rose :rose:


My latest Adore order just arrived so I’m trying out this roll on fragrance from Lumira.

I love Oud so interested to see how this fragrance develops over tonight. How neat is a little roll on? Perfect for travel and the handbag.


omg you have to tell me how that goes! I bought the Cuban Tobacco one and I love it ( I wrote a review of it here haha), is the Arabian Oud more of a straight-up oud?

I usually don’t dig perfume oils as much as spritzes but what I’ve tried so far has been really nice - neither too strong nor too subtle.


Sadly it’s not a straight up Oud which is what I was expecting. It’s heavier on the rose (you would like it I think @christined) and I’m not convinced that I love the smell, but I do love the convenience!

Should have gone with Cuban Tobacco!


oooh @alexandraraymond have you smelled Arabian Oud? Could be your thing, though I know you like the cleaner rose scents and aren’t into Oud as much?


I haven’t smelled Arabian Oud yet! I’ll have to though, I’ve definitely found myself drifting away from the cleaner roses lately - I think it’s because it’s winter and all I want to wear is snuggly warm perfumes. I can’t remember if the reason I didn’t like Oud is because it gave me headaches? I’ll have to re-assess…


Does anyone else love the Byredo fragrance range? I rediscovered my Gypsy Water perfume today. Someone gifted me the roll on version which is so bloody convenient to carry around with me for touch ups and travel. Also a great winter scent and got it on today! :slight_smile:


I love love love Gucci guilty!!


My day fragrance is Juliette has a gun - Miss Charming which is a light rose scent and my night fragrance is YSL optimum which is a heavier perfume and smells like black coffee and vanilla (yummy).


It’s me in a bottle


ooh @liennaraleon I love the bottle as well! What sort of fragrance notes?


Most of the days I wear chanel-chance and today as well:wink: