What fragrance are you using today?

What fragrance are you using today?
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Its always pricey but I cant go past Armani Code. Its a huge fav of mine!
But also love the Juicy Couture range of perfumes. And usually can pick these up really cheap from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse. Great additions for birthday presents or stocking fillers when they go on sale for $20


@annettebisinella how great is it that Chemist Warehouse etc has such great perfumes for cheapie prices these days! An American friend asked me if there was something wrong with them as she couldn’t believe it! haha


I’m a fragrance tart - monogamy in Beauty doesn’t really exist for me…lol Today is Flora by Gucci


:joy: Love this @tinamiller!


My current favourite is Marshmallow by MOR- there are lots of products so you can layer easily. My other go to is Narcisco by Narcisco Rodriguez- a bit sexy


Ooh Marshmallow by MOR sounds gorgeous. What does that smell like @digreenaway ? Musky? Sweet?


I would call it sweet- though it does smell like musk sticks ( a bit) but not musky and not floral- sounds awful-but like lollies but not sickly. That is about as clear as I can make it. Myers have lots of samples on display if there is one near you so you can have a try.
The body cream is the least smelly and my fav is the hand and body wash, though I do have the body butter (a free gift) and the perfume and the oil (for my handbag). I am a bit obsessed at the moment as you can tell.


Today I am wearing Channel sunshine.


Rive Gauche by YSL - I love the classics and it’s finally Spring in Melbourne today!! Hoooray!


Several months ago I started to make own perfumes. Truly say firstly it was not so good, but I continued. And now I use fragrance with beautiful flowers aroma. I think it is useful because my perfumes are made of natural ingredients and oils. Btw I checked and bought special sets for fragrance here https://allinpackaging.co.uk/containers/sets/ Guys do u like to make home made perfume?


Got the Lumira Arabian Oud on today. I love a good perfume oil and the roll on is so convenient to carry around with me for a touch up. This has a beautiful touch of rose to the scent as well which I love.


That sounds interesting @davemarshall:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: but the link doesn’t work.:neutral_face:


YSL Black Opium :heart_eyes:


Today for the first time I am wearing chloe Fleur de parfum. I will give the review after few days.


Chanel L’Eau - my favourite…up till then revlon fire and ice, alas they discontinued it.


Its my current favourite too. I get compliments constantly including from strangers on the street!
It is a beautiful light sweet vanilla with a wonderful musk lifesaver note. Very office friendly, great in hot weather.


Nine West Furry Love :heart_eyes:


Today it is Corrigan from Lubin! He is full of sweet taste and love !!


Byredo’s Oliver Peoples… addicted to this but only wear it occassionally as it’s limited edition… Hope they re-release.
Yesterday I wore Marc Jacobs Daisy and tomorrow I will probably wear my “go to”, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia. I don’t think I have a signature scent though, I choose what to wear depending on my mood. My husband says my perfume collection looks like a display at Myer :smirk:


@christined im using Saffron James Nani Eau de Parfum, it smells soo gooood.