What fragrance are you using today?

What fragrance are you using today?
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I recently smelt Miss Charming at Debenhams oh my lordy - that stuff is sooo good…


@Shannon_Staff - Please tell what an ‘Oud’ is… I thought it was a character on Dr Who…


I’ve now run out and want to purchase more - just wish it wasn’t so dear :disappointed_relieved:


@tinamiller :joy::joy::joy: this made me giggle! Oud is a type of scent. It’s usually woody and a bit sweet. I think it may originate from some sort of tree resin perhaps?


Im wearing Mor Marshmallow but going to treat myself to a Chloe original edp gift pack soon.

Does anyone remember the Bottega Veneta original edp from a few years ago? It seems tybe discontinued but it was such a beautiful unique leather/feminine/masculine scent and i loved it. Anyone know of a good dupe?


I know - this is why is currently not in my possesion :cry:


Google said it was mouldy wood!!! Ok special mould on special wood (and super expensive) - but ya know…Nature is weird…