What is a good lash growth serum?

What is a good lash growth serum?



I was wondering if anyone has tried a lash growth serum that they have been particularly impressed with? I have very sparse lashes and want them to be thicker but not necessarily longer.


I use the L’Oreal Paris Lash Serum - I do find that with regular use my lashes are thicker. They work by inhibiting the natural shedding of your lashes, so that after a period of time, more lashes are staying put for longer - creating the illusion of thicker, longer lashes.


I have been using the By Terry Terrybly Mascara, which is a “tinted lash serum” that boosts lash growth. I am very very skeptical of lash growing claims (I bought it because it’s a lovely mascara in its own right and I love By Terry!) but it really seems to have worked. I have had lots of comments on my long lashes lately and that’s never happened before. I should have taken before and after photos!


My sister struggled to grow eyelashes longer and fuller once upon a time but then she found L’Oreal Paris Lash Serum to be an effective one. It worked very well.


Daisy Ford

I have used Lash Relonge for long time but due to that I used to get see lid discoloration in my eye lashes…I don’t know what happened to it …May be its ingredient not suited to my eyelashes…I feel You should take once reviews for any product you will be using for your eyelashes…this may helpful for you.


I have been trying for a while Mavala Double Lash but dident had so much effect on my eyelasehes.


Good reviews on L’Oreal Paris Lash Serum! I think I should try this. I have a short eye lashes and faking it to look long and thick s one of my dilemmas.


Lashipix! I bought their promo package about 6 months ago and I haven’t stopped using them since. You should check them out.


I use lashovee. Gad that I found this eyelash growth products. Now I’m confident to my lashes. :slight_smile:


can’t recommend for the best product since it still depend how it matches your eye health, so you won’t get irrirated. I’m sharing you this site http://www.topbeautysecrets.org/eyelash-reviews/ found this a week ago while looking for the best product to use. It has a review of ten different products available online to will give you better idea what to buy. Remember to check the ingredients, safety and effectiveness. You may also consider the price. Hope it may help.


I use Envyderm eyelash serum and conditioner…my lashes was very bristle and weak…with continuous usage , i could find a very quick result.


I love to use l’oreal Eyelash Serum.


Thick lashes

If u want to thicker leshes without weasting of time and money. u just apply cestor oil every night for one mounth.Ur leshes willl be longer ang thicker.And it is very low cost but effictive product.


I just stumble upon this thread and I realised that I haven’t paid attention to my lashes. LOL! This site really has interesting threads! I’m now starting to entertain the idea of having my lashes thicker and longer :slight_smile:


Hi Haven’t tried any myself, but I hear that castor oil is good for hair growth! :slight_smile: I can imagine it being a little heavy though… :slight_smile:


Yeah could be a bit heavy, I’ll just bare with it I think - all for the sake of beauty! :chuckle:

I’ll be on the look out for all suggestions. Castor oil is in on the list! Thanks Channel :slight_smile:


there are eye lash serum that are very helpful to the growth of eye lash.You can try one of them. These all are of good quality serums-


yes this is my Rapidlash love to use it recommend :slight_smile:


@aragates how much difference did Rapidlash make to your lashes? Thicker and longer?


DermalMD eyelash serum is amazing! I began using it 6 months ago. The info advised giving it six weeks, so I began using it Thanksgiving week and by Christmas, my lashes were hitting my glasses! Osm one from Dermalmd! Love you Dermalmd!