What is a good rhinoplasty result?

What is a good rhinoplasty result?


Can anyone advise me on what a good nose job result should be?
I am planning on going for my first round of consults, but I don’t know if the results I am looking at from these doctor’s portfolio are good for me or not. What should I be looking for? can someone help me? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Roselynn!
I actually work for a plastic surgeon. My best advice would be to ask the surgeon him/herself what changes they made to the nose and why. The reason being that there is no one “good” outcome for a rhino. Some people want their nose slimmed at the bridge, some people want the tip shortened, others want to smooth out a hump. I would ask the surgeon lots of questions including how many rhinos they’ve done and what experience they have. A good surgeon will not mind asking these questions.