What is the most NATURAL looking foundation

What is the most NATURAL looking foundation


It is so hard to find a natural looking foundation! It either gives you more coverage than what you are after or not enough. It is especially hard if your skin is slightly tanned. Can anyone share a good one? Or something they use which they love?


Are you opened to trying a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser?


@kaedeker it’s no secret I’m obsessed with Inika! I’ve been using their liquid mineral foundation which also has Hyaluronic Acid in it. It’s so soft and smooth although the coverage is a little lighter. If I need better coverage I dust some mineral powder over the top and it does the trick and looks very natural!



Please read my article on “giorgio armani luminous silk foundation” its sheer, natural and worth the price.


@Vanessa_W Yes definitely! I find it hard to find one to match my skin colour as I find most of them can be quite pale… Do you have any good ones you could suggest?


@christined Hi Christine, thanks so much for your suggestion! I have taken a look at the product and it looks good. I would be keen to try this. I also hadn’t heard of this product before so its a welcomed suggestion! I love all of the certifications (but what a shame about the titanium dioxide!)


@taracleggett Thanks for sharing your article with me. I would be interested in trying a sample of the product first. I may have to track one down. Thank you!


Oh I didn’t even notice that! Is that a really big nasty? I would have thought being organic everything was safe?


@kaedeker The Pixi H2O SkinTint is a light weight tinted moisturiser that makes the skin look so creamy and when it sets it has a satin finish.

You can see the products swatched in the article below. Joanna is wearing the shade cream and the deepest shade is warm.


@Vanessa_W I am sold! I have added the Pixi H20 Skin Tint to my wishlist for my next purchase. It looks and sounds exactly what I need for running errands on weekends!


@christined every ingredient in every cosmetic product sold in Australia has to be safe, at a particular concentration and for its intended use. The regulations here are really strict and if anything is scientifically proven to be a problem, the government regulates it pretty quickly. :ok_hand:


gotcha @KateMorrisCEO! Good to know x


It is worth it! If you go in to a counter at Myer or David jones they can colour match and provide with a take home sample. That way you can try it on your skin.


@christined I think its important to remember that just because something is “safe” doesn’t mean it actually is. I encourage doing your own research on each individual ingredient and then you can make your own decision :slight_smile:

A really great example of this is when I recently made a purchase on a 100% natural product (from a well known label), only to find it contained a chemical called Undecane, a low risk, however it has quite strange uses if you do your research. 100% Natural and 100% Organic doesn’t have to actually be 100%.


@Vanessa_W Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


It will look beautiful with your complexion. It gives a really blurred creamy appearance on the skin :heart_eyes:


Happy to help!


@Vanessa_W I can certainly do with a little bit of blurring some days! :joy: Thank you! I am so exctied to try it!