What is your favourite glasshouse candle 😍

What is your favourite glasshouse candle 😍


What is your favourite glasshouse scent, if you haven’t tried them before what’s one would you try?


That’s some of the range adore beauty have my favourite is Rio :heart_eyes:


Tahaa! I find people either love it or hate it. It’s such a rich creamy scent that will make your home smell like a bakery.


@becstock I just love a bit of an island feel so Coconut Lime for me!

I remember a couple of years ago going to someone’s house while they were burning some Christmas edition Glasshouse candle that had an amazing spicy winter scent like fig and cinnamon/clove or something along those lines. I’ve been desperately trying to figure out if it still exists or if they have something similar in their standard range.


Ohh I haven’t tried that one before, sounds amazing it’s now on my to buy list!


Coconut lime is amazing, I love it to :heart_eyes:
Ohh don’t you hate that, hopefully they bring out a Christmas range this year!


Hope you love it as much as I do! :heart_eyes:


@becstock I have many glasshouse collection but my favorite is berry aroma:heart_eyes:


I have kyoyo… not really a fan


kyoyo is great for me


@davemarshall I have never tried Kyoto. I think i should buy one. Is berry or woody fragrance available in that???


Everyone, stop what you’re doing, and go and buy Cyprus and The Hamptons right now. They’re relatively new to Glasshouse and they’ve quickly overtaken Kyoto as my favourite scents. Cyprus smells like a hot man, and The Hamptons smells like a spicy, woody, floral fragrance - it’s beautiful. They’re both neutral scents, which I love, because some candles can be overly feminine. Kyoto does still have my heart as my favourite sweet scent :slight_smile:


Rio is my favourite Glasshouse Candle but I find myself using wax melts more lately because I’m not working right now and I find the wax melts cheaper and they’re really strong well the ones I buy from Sassy soy I also liked the Ecoya ones but they don’t make them anymore. :frowning:


Tahaa for sure.

I’ve smelt all of them and Tahaa is the only one that I liked :yum:


Tahaa for me makes my kids gift giving easy too :joy::heart: