What makes you glow? Highlighters!

What makes you glow? Highlighters!
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I only started using highlighters in the last year but now I’m addicted. I love myself a bit of Becca in various formats. Their Shimmering Skin Perfector in the “poured” compact and the liquid version in the pump pack are my favourites. Specifically in the Opal shade. :grinning:


Another vote for Becca Opal. I have the travel to go pack so get to enjoy it in both SSP and powder form. Plus the mini size is so cute and easy for travel.


Oh, I haven’t seen the travel pack @happy2be . Will have to investigate. Thanks for the tip!


I third BECCA Opal, the liquid especially. On days where I look like death warmed up, I make a little cocktail of foundation + BECCA Opal + Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and mix it together with my fingertips before applying all over. Really puts that glow back!


Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer brick! Doubles as highlighter and blush in one. Get so many compliments :grin:



This one :smiley:


@happy2be Sounds amazing! I love a good travel set. Will suss it out.

I forgot to mention… I do also love Inika’s Light Reflect Highlighter! Haven’t used it in a while but I used to pop some on my eyelids and cheekbones all the time.


Agreed - I’ve had the Inika one before…prob about 8 years ago or so…it was nice but I did find it a bit hard to blend out. Perhaps the formula has now changed. I do remember it gave a beautiful sheen.


I’m a big fan of the Jane Irredele Brozer as an all-in-one solution for blush, bronze, highlight. The lighter section makes for beautiful highlights. Multipurpose products make my life so easy and I’ve even used this as eye shadow when I’m travelling and want to take less product.