What Men's product did you buy today?

What Men's product did you buy today?


Today I got a giftpack for my Boy (OK I might try it too :whistle:) from the new MILK range by Michael Klim.
Face Wash & Scrub (in one)
Face Moisturiser with SPF
Face Towel

Toni & Guy Defining Cream Wax.


awesome thread, always wondered if we’d have one… welldone M :waving:

the other day I went shopping with my mum for my Dad:

bought primal earth organics shave gel and skinfood nourishing moisturiser.


I got J Sean John’s Unforgivable for Men.


I suspect this will be my only post in this thread.

Unless deodorant counts?


[quote=raspberryberet;242723]I suspect this will be my only post in this thread.

Unless deodorant counts?[/quote]

I have orders to get more ‘face stuff’ - cleanser and scrub. And deodorant.


I cant get S to use anything so I wont be posting in here either


well that would also be me


And me. But for the other reason.


My boy uses my skincare most of the time actually, but he does like cologne/good shaving products, so I will be posting in here in future! Great thread Medusa!


I got my boy some Natio shaving lotion today actually.


Add me to the list as well…I’m the only one that uses beauty products…I’m lucky if my man uses a bar of soap :redcheeks::chuckle: (he does really tho, uses soap that is):chuckle::wookie:


I am heading along to our new Lush store to buy a tub of Razorantium as a belated Christmas preent for a dear friend whose tough stubble must be attended to! He actually loves products that he didn’t buy for himself-every time he goes in my bathroom he opens things and tries them :chuckle: so it’d great fun having someone I can get things for :praise:.


I got my Boy a good little travel set by Innoxa in Priceline for like $7.
Triple Action Gel Wash 20ml
Polished Skin Exfoliator 20ml
Radiant Skin Moisturiser SPF15 20ml
Skin Moist 13ml


Got a haul of Lush for a mate who steals my stuff…grow your own!


I bought an Eternity gift pack that includes 100ml of aftershave, a deodorant stick and a body wash for $127.
He likes to have a few ‘perfumes’ and in his collection along with Eternity (which I :heartbeat: on him), Kenneth Cole Black, Tommy and something else that I can’t remember.


Oh and I also bought him some Biore face wipe things as he gets very greasy by lunchtime and likes to wash his face during the day so I said why not try these. He is happy to use them put said what if someone finds them, just tell them they are mine :chuckle:


I bought my husband the Alpha H triple action cleanser from Adore. I hope he likes it. I think I should have got the micro cleanse as he likes to use a scrub…


Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Tonic Mist
Anthony Sport Face Scrub
Anthony Sport Shave Cream


brought the L’oreal men hydra energetic turbo booster intensive recovery moisturiser for my OH today. It was heavily reduced down to $5 so I grabbed it.

Love the manly name:chuckle:


[QUOTE=taradog;271942]L’oreal men hydra energetic turbo booster intensive recovery moisturiser :[/QUOTE]

:shockedhair: What were they thinking when they named this product?? :laughing: