What my acne-prone skin loves and dealing with hyperpigmentation!

What my acne-prone skin loves and dealing with hyperpigmentation!


I’m no longer a teenager but I’m still struggling with hormonal breakouts but whats worse than pimples popping out of nowhere is the aftermath - hyperpigmentation! My hyperpigmentation takes ages to disappear, thus I am constantly on a hunt for products that will help prevent future breakouts coupled with healthy diet and exercise! Here I share products that my acne-prone skin has been loving these past months (prevention and cure) and how I deal with hyperpigmentation:

  1. Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser - this gel cleanser is seriously one of the best out there! It not only helps prevent and heal my acne but its also gentle enough for daily use and also an amazing makeup remover (I double-cleanse with this and rest-assured my face is clean, soft and plump). This is also the only cleanser that my sister’s very sensitive and acne-prone skin reacts well with and she’s tried heaps from drugstore to high-end brands (literally has helped so much with her clearing her face - she has small bumps all over her face and hormonal breakouts)!

  2. SK-II First Treatment Essence - this is one of those things that I hate loving because its so damn expensive! Price aside, I can definitely see why this product is raved about but I can also say why this could fall into one of those that your skin love or hates (no in-between). Some might not see any difference at all so they would deem this product useless but for my hyperpigmentation - dark spots that my acne leaves behind, this is definitely a holy grail! I’ve tried serums, facial oils, toners and a whole lot of product targeted for hyperpigmentation but this is the only one where I’ve seen rapid results! I’ve had some dark acne spots that’s been on my face for months that just wouldn’t fade but as soon as I started using this, they started fading fast within just one 3 weeks of this essence! This also has an instant plumping effect and helps absorb the other products that I layer after this.

  3. The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2 % - HOLY GRAIL (full stop) I cannot exaggerate and recommend this product enough for those suffering with acne and hyperpigmentation! Just remember to use sunscreen the next day when you apply this as your skin would be more sensitive to the sun!

I’m still on a hunt for the more products that my skin would love. I try to keep my routing as simple and clean as possible. What products works well for you?