What on Earth is a levitation mist?

What on Earth is a levitation mist?


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Do you struggle to get any volume at your roots regardless of any products or styling techniques you use? Same. I’ve found a few good volumising products I use religiously that give me a little bit of extra lift, but nothing remarkable enough that anyone else would notice. Then I tried a new product by Pureology - their Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist. It sounds out of this world, because it is.


What You Need To Know:

- This spray creates instant root lift and all-over fullness
  • The menthol-infused formula maximises root life by stimulating the scalp

  • It also acts as a heat protectant to shield hair from the damage of heat tools

  • Ideal for fine, thinning and/or colour-treated hair

  • The unique formula will not weigh down the hair (I assure you)

  • This spray adds light, airy fullness as well as flexible movement & shine

  • Sunflower Seed Oil & Brassicacae Plant Extract add shines & reduce frizz

  • Aloe water & soy proteins help nourish & infuse hair with a boost of volume

  • Free from sulphates, parabens & silicones (plus is protects you from colour fading)

  • Fragranced with a signature aromatherapy blend of bergamot, citrus & cedarwood

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How To Use:

I washed my hair, towel-dried it and brushed it through before applying the Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist. I spritzed probably 5 sprays through my hair - I've got long, fine hair but a lot of it, so adjust accordingly for your own hair type. It should be applied to damp hair, focusing on the root area. For maximum lift, I blow dried my hair with a round brush.  

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Great for fine hair - Rebecca

"I have fine hair that gets oily really easily so it's hard to find styling products that don't weigh my hair down but this product is fantastic for me. The spray is really fine I can barely feel it in my hair but I can definitely tell the difference when I blow dry. It lifts the roots and keeps the volume in my hair much longer than without product. There is no stiffiness or crunchiness either which is great."

★★★★★ Love this product - Jessica

"Love this product. It smells great and works really well in providing long lasting lift and volume that lasts all day. You only have to use a few pumps so a little goes a long way making it totally worth the price. It is definitely a staple in my hair care routine."

★★★★★ Instant lift for flat and tired hair - Tamara

"I have hair that is often lacking in volume. This mist helps to lift my hair from the roots, making it appear thicker and healthier. I love that is doesn't leave a sticky/crusty residue and it has a nice, musky scent. Would recommend this product to anyone with hair that is in need of a pick me up!"

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