What order do you apply serums

What order do you apply serums


What’s the best way to apply serums, morning and night? I am always confused about this.


Hey @bill I guess it depends how many serums and what type of serums they are. What are you using? In the evenings I cleanse, put rosehip oil on and let it sink in and then apply either The Ordinary Buffet or my Ole Henrikson Vitamin C serum (I prefer just to keep it to one product at a time and maybe interchange every second day).

In the mornings I just cleanse and then pop on either a Hyaluronic Acid or currently The Ordinary Buffet which is my serum of choice… and then pop mineral foundation over the top.


They always go on clean skin and before moisturiser. If you’re layering serums, put them on in order of runniest/wateriest first :slight_smile:


So in the instance where you’re using a vitamin b and c serum would it be b them c?

Currently using alpha h skincare.



Ahhh I see your question!

So on top of the advice already given here, the other consideration is: what is this serum for?

If it’s a chemical exfoliant, or something you want to sink into the skin for protective/active properties like Vitamin C, that’s what you want first.

So as an example:


  1. Vitamin C

  2. Vitamin B (or Hyaluronic Acid)


  1. Chemical exfoliant (such as Liquid Gold, other examples include serums that have lactic, glycolic, salicylic)

  2. Vitamin B (or Hyaluronic Acid)

and after those serums you can apply your oil, then your moisturiser, or just your moisturiser if that is what you prefer :slight_smile:


I’ve been using hyaluronic acid before by Aspect B and C serums (which I pump on to my hand together and then apply) but now I’m going to reverse this order and see what happens!

Do you think it matters mixing both serums together @Shannon_Staff ?:flushed: