What product are you dying to trial?

What product are you dying to trial?


It’s always a toughy when you’re looking at a product you’d really love to try but you’re not quite sure if you want to spend the full amount only to get something that isn’t quite right. On the flip, there’s nothing more awesome than sampling something and knowing you’re ready to go out and spend those $$s! What have you guys been hanging out to try?

I’ve currently got my eye on the new formula Inika mascara. Natural mascaras aren’t always good but I’ve heard great things about this one…


@christined last week one of my friend let me to borrow her iGlow long lash. Its pretty cool and looks easy to use. So iGlow is in my wish list and i will gonna buy soon.


@christined I’ve been eyeing off the medik8 Skinrolla kit. I’m tempted to start with this kit and then work my way up to deeper penetration - but I’m a fraidy cat…lol


@tinamiller I’ve been so keen to try something like this as well but also a scaredy cat! Have considered just getting it done professionally but it’s so pricey!


I know…that’s the kind of thing I’d have to give up coffee for…and new lipsticks…and and and… :laughing: