What products do you use to help your baby get to sleep?

What products do you use to help your baby get to sleep?


For all you mums out there - I know you’re always chasing those elusive hours of peace while your bub catches some Zzzzs. A lot of my friends have recently become new mothers and I was thinking of putting together a package of goodies that might help them put their babies to sleep.

Has anyone found any good products or techniques to help calm their baby down more easily for bedtime? I was thinking perhaps some essential oils or room sprays like lavender might help relax them a bit even?

Night Time Must-Haves For A Sleepy Baby

@christined I love a baby basket and really enjoy putting them together. A drop or two of lavender oil in a bowl of hot water can be nice - but children shouldn’t have any essential oils on them before the age of two (this helps prevent sensitivities and essential oils are just too strong for them). A lovely cold pressed oil like olive oil or grapeseed oil for baby massage is lovely - particularly as lots of babies have dry skin in the early days. One of my favourite presents to give are linen/cotton baby wraps as babies love feeling secure when they are put down to sleep and they double as cloths over mum and dads shoulder and across the top of the cot to catch any mess. Old school flannelette nappies are great for mess catching as well. If you have mum’s who don’t like to use chemicals on bub’s tender behind - giving lots of very soft face cloths for cleaning up bub can be a great useful pressie as well. Hope that was helpful.


Thanks @tinamiller that sounds awesome! What about using essential oils in their room with a vaporiser type thing or oil burner?


Hi @christined Current thinking is that as essential oils can’t be ingested by children as it’s poisonous so it shouldn’t be inhaled either. Having said that, my son had very dry skin with eczema as a littly and to keep the air in the house moist during winter with the heating on - I would put bowls of water over the ducted heating vents with a drop of either lemon, lavender or eucalyptus oil in it just to keep the air smelling fresh (I find infusers/vaporisers/oil burners far too strong for folk with sensitivities - and I would include bubs in that group). So used like that a lavender oil would be lovely - but you do need to err on the side of caution. When the kids were a little older I used to put cold pressed olive oil with whole milk (the milk helps disperse the oil evenly in the water) and a few drops of lavender oil and the whole house would smell gorgeous - you could offer to watch bub while your friend has an oil/milk bath - that will make her feel relaxed at least! :grin:


Great advice! Thanks @tinamiller!


I found an amazing little gadget called the gro hush. It’s a portable white noise machine that you hold to the infants ear as you rock them. Ive not got kids yet but I was a youth worker and was old school and just rocked babies to sleep but that little gadget would have made it so much easier!! You can use it in public because only the Bub can hear it and it basically soothes them with sounds like the womb. If you shop around they are quite affordable and make an awesome gift.


Sounds interesting @jaimeejackson! Could definitely be a great gift for my friends with babies. Going to check this out


For my Daughter When she was very restless I give braun sleeping and after 30minutes she fell asleep. And I also put the lavender oil and eucalyptus oil in vapouriser .


Curious to know what Braun sleeping is @desiseftiyanih?


lavender essential oil on a lamp :ok_hand::+1:


@camerontoulene as in you just put some on the globe of a normal lamp?


I’m not sure about very little ones, but my 7 year-old step daughter LOVES calming essential oils in a vaporiser at night. Anything with lavender and other relaxing oils is great.

I also have a body oil called “Calm It, Baby” (sadly not available on Adore) and we sometimes rub that on her arms, legs and back when she’s a bit anxious and having a hard time getting to sleep.