What Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Use?

What Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Use?


Curious to know which shampoos and conditioners you guys love? I’ve recently become a bit of a Kevin Murphy Addict. Loving the Young Again wash & conditioner range. Keeps my hair super soft and keeps the frizz at bay.


I am a Lover of Kevin Murphy too! Hydrate Me Wash & Rinse are my Favourite.
The essential oils are so invigorating which i love.


I’ve been using Christophe Robin’s Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner. Yes, it’s very pricey but unlike some other ‘volumising’ shampoos, this actually works for me. I also use the CR Volumising Mist before blow drying my hair which helps. As a cheaper alternative, ELEVEN’s I Want Body Shampoo also impressed me, considering it’s price!


I am using the Matrix Biolage Volume Bloom Shampoo and Conditioner, which I discovered on the Adore Beauty site. Both make my hair feel really clean and do add a bit of bounce. I would recommend.


Im currently using Cureplex Shampoo and Conditioner due to having damaged hair. But would love to know of any other brands people have had success with for chemically damaged hair! Cureplex range isnt cheap!


Pureology for blonds. I actually use the mask as a conditioner.I thought it was expensive but the change in my hair is worth every penny. It’s natural with no nasties and a little goes a long way. My hair is dyed blond and looked awfully dry and frizzy but no longer! Ive not tried many high end brands but after this I don’t think I need to try any others. I love it.


I’ve been trying a number of Shampoo and Conditioner combos this year and still haven’t found “the one”. I’m currently working through a number of samples from recent Adore purchases - Keratase and Kevin Murphy - to see if there’s something that will work.

I have LOADS of hair everywhere except the top of my head. I also have a bit of curl in the back of my hair. Products that add volume work great on top but make the rest too boofy.

I can say that I added in as a weekly or fortnightly treatment and that’s helping a great deal with all-over hair health.


I generally use Lemongrass & Rosemary Shampoo from The Henna Guys is my favorite product. It’s all natural and sulfate free. My hair feel silky, smooth and look beautiful like never before. I recommend everyone to give it a try


Nexxus City Shield Shampoo & Conditioner,


Have you found “the one” yet @tresnalee??


@KateMorrisCEO Olaplex has been the best as a regular treatment, but I’m still trying out all the options in my cupboard to decide on a shampoo/conditioner combo.

So far my hair likes this shampoo the most:


I have been using Fanola Ora Therapy Diamond shampoo and conditioner. It’s been really nice but doesn’t help with my frizzyness. Looking for something else when this bottle runs out.


I thought the Pureology for Blonds was good until I tried the Pureology Hydrate. WOW. I only need to use half the amount to get great results, no more frizz, no more dried up ends. My hair is soft and silky smooth. Love love love this brand. Oh and I thought it was expensive but you only need the smallest amount so it lasts a very long time.