What Skin Primers Do You Use?

What Skin Primers Do You Use?


I’m not going to lie, I’ve never used a proper skin priming product. The best I’ve done is mix a little bit of face moisturiser in with my foundation. So here I am, laying it on the ground, I’m a skin primer virgin and I’m keen to get schooled on why I should start using one and your tips on the best priming products out there. :grinning:


Ooooh @christined. Your life is about to change. Once you’ve primed you will never go back!!

I have a bunch of favourites which I rotate, depending on the occasion, season, and the rest of my skincare. #primernerd
Generally my favourites are hydrating (rather than shine-reducing).

Current faves include:

  • Dermalogica HydraBlur which is thickish and fills in pores without being drying (siliconey texture - don’t layer too many serums underneath as it balls up), also has a slight tint to even out skintone
  • Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer which has SPF30+, though personally I’d still wear a sunscreen underneath anyway. More of a tint than Hydrablur, similar texture.
  • Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot which is not siliconey, more of a hydrating gel, which I like for nights out (when I am not wearing sunscreen)

I also have a La Prairie one which I forget the name of, it is goooood, but someone gave it to me so I have no idea how much it cost or whether it is a good investment :upside_down_face:


Thanks @KateMorrisCEO! Plenty of options to check out.

The Dermalogica Hydra Blur is sounding really tempting! I like the idea of it filling in pores as well!


@christined if you want pore-filling as your primary benefit, have a look at Benefit The Porefessional :ok_hand:


I also never usually used a primer. I did get a free sample of Inika primer in a Adore pack. Love the smell and feel, but during the day my face is getting quite oily.
Any suggestions on a primer that wont make my makeup drip off?


@annettebisinella yes absolutely, there are heaps for oily skin. Have a look at these:


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot is my long-time fav!

It was the first primer that I ever used up and immediately wanted to replace rather than try something new - I know how popular siliconey primers are but I much prefer Auto Pilot. It’s great in both summer as it’s lightweight, and winter as it’s hydrating and provides a nice barrier against the elements, without weighing your skin down. It makes my foundation last longer, and my skin look better on the days where I just can’t be stuffed with makeup :stuck_out_tongue:


I have heard the napoleon auto pilot is a good one to go with. Might add that into my cart.
Has anyone tried Napoleon Perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser?
As I said before, I am worried about my face sliding off by the end of the day. So any advice would help!
I hate buying make up and :“giving it a go” without someones opinion. I have tried sooo many, spent all the $$ to use it twice and throw it away.


I have a few that I alternate between depending on what my skin feels like that day or what look I’m going for.

I use the Nivea sensitive aftershave (not advertised as a primer) for most days.
If I’m looking for a bit of a glow or my skin feels really dry, I use Egyptian Magic as a primer.
And for when I want to go all out, I will use Benefit the Porefessional primer or the Laura Mercier foundation primer.


Second that! I love the Laura Mercier - Radiance primer. :raised_hands:


I feel you on this! I love trying new things but man, at the end of the day I just want something that I know will work.

What is your skin type like?


Oooh I’ve heard of people using the Nivea Aftershave! I didn’t enjoy the scent so I wasn’t sure about putting it on my face but it’s sure getting talked about lately, how does it work for you?


I have used a lot of skin primers and the absolute best one I have tried is Dermalogica Age Smart!

So many long and short term skin benefits, makes makeup stay on all day and makes my skin glow.

You can get testers from Dermalogica counters.


I’m currently using She Pure Magic primer after reading great reviews. Very similar to Benefit Porefessional but much cheaper ($15 I think it was) and it’s a good sized tube.


I sometimes get oily when wearing makeup, which isn’t very often to be honest - I do like a tinted moisturiser or primer that I can wear just to give me an even skintone without piling lots on. After reading some amazing reviews I bought the Hylamide Matte 12 and LOVE it! Just pat it on after you’ve done you’re makeup and it gives you a matte look without the oily shine. I was out running around yesterday in the sun quite a bit, and was thrilled to get home and still not be oily. I’m always changing products trying to find my holy grail, but this one I’ll be keeping in my kit.


IM a big fan of Hylamide range. So I think I might give this a go! I have never tred anything over the top of my makeup before. So maybe this is the answer for me!
Worth a go for the price I think.
Thanks @kyliecavanough


Definitely worth a try, the price is what sold me on trying it. Very strange applying it at the end, but it did work. I’ve just had a hunt and this is the review that convinced me to try it, and I found another review you might find helpful too.