What skincare are you using today?

What skincare are you using today?


What skincare are you using today? Is it different from normal? Are you trying a new product? Patch testing something new?


My same old same old routine for me today… cleanse with Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub, Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid and then some of The Ordinary Squalane over the top :slight_smile:


Testing a new BB cream from Cailyn (new to me - not them!) Routine today was su:m37 rose stick cleanser, Paula’s choice BHA 2% acid toner (I found a blackhead! how rude!), Laura Mercier repair serum, TO Vitamin C 30% in silicone, It’s skin premier moisturiser (there’s more to the name but like most Korean brands - a stupidly long name). I have issues…pigmentation, dehydration and just good old fashioned gettin’ old! lol


I absolutly adore that this conversation thread is very scientific about your skincare routine. I am bursting to share all my research! As we all know, a skincare routine comes down to our particular skin, whether that be dermatitis prone, acne prone, inflammation, etc. For myself, I have settled into a very soothing skincare routine and my skin has shown significant improvement. Yayyyyyyyy!! Today, I start with cleansing my skin with the very soft Japanese Miniso facial brush, I use the ‘Daily Nourish facial foaming cleanser’ which is soap free with natural colloidal oatmeal, pH - balanced to encourage optiml skin function and is hypoallergenic. Next I move on to massage an oil based cleanser by lush, which is a delicious combination of gentle yet rich ingrediants such as Almond oil, Rose Water, Honey, fresh iris extract, rose absolute and some others to make a very nutricious application for my skin. Once I massage that in, I pat that dry with a fresh tissue or a clean face towel, and dab in my beautiful toner by Arsainte Eco-Therapy, which contains 94% natural ingrediants, bamboo extract and a dual amount of golden palm oil. Once I allow that to air dry, I apply once again a very soothing and healing moisterizer which is 99% Aloe Vera which reduces any redness or imflammaton. Lasty I appy an SPF 40 natural facial sunscreen. I have had such a rewarding journey in finding the best products to use on my skin, I have learnt to study, respect and understand my skin. My skin is very sensitive and these have been the most effective for my skin in the last month.


I love korean skincare products too!! You mention you have a need to balance out pigmentation, dehydration, and aging - to counteract this, have you heard of Collagen Beauty - with verisol + C by nutra organics. It is to improve skin, hair and gut health, it helps you glow from the inside out! You can buy it from the organic store called ‘Aunt Maggies’ in Melbourne, there are few stores too.


@ashavu You mentioned that you use a soothing and healing moisturiser. Can you tell me the name of it? I have rosacea and am looking for a light, hydrating soothing moisturiser for my oily skin


Hello @jenna, I certainly did, aloe vera is a miracle! You may know the properties of the gel substance inside the leaves of the aloe vera plant, but what you may not realise it that it has mountains of benefits as a moisterizer! Aloe vera helps boost the regeneration cycle in your skin by providing ample hydration. It soothes and reduces any redness or inflammation in the process. It is very much a healing substance for your skin! I use a korean brand called ‘Fresh Soothing Gel’ as my daily moisterizer which contains 99% aloe extract from Jeju, in the ingrediants it also contains a very small amount of other soothing substances to further aid a soothing and cool effect. As a side note, another thing I have instilled into my habits is having luke-warm showers, even a cold shower at times. This is so beneficial for skin that is prone to become inflammed, heat and inflammation are not friends. I use to have boiling hot showers and mmmmm felt so relaxing but once I got out my skin was as red as a tomato. I have noticed a difference in my skin having luke-warm showers. I hope this helps you on your study to learn more about your skin health! :smile:


Today for the first time, after researching briefly about the effects of tea tree oil for eczema or dermatitis, I was so keen to try after noticing my non facial eczema was increasingly getting flakey, very inflammed, red and also bleeding. I have noticed warm weather doesn’t help, so while researching in a nice soothing cold bath, I headed on down to the organic store and picked up the famous Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soup, I bought the hemp and tea tree oil one. And I was insanely suprised at how I noticed the redness reduce and other things happened that made me say “WOW” aloud to myself!! I’ll see how it behaves im 24 hours. Has anyone else used castile soap to treat any skin conditions? Tell me about your experiences, I’d love to hear them! New skin care product for today, Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap hemp and tea tree oil. Yayyyyyyy!


@ashavu oh wow that’s great to hear about Dr Bronner. I use the Dr Bronner liquid castille soap as my daily body wash and I love it! I don’t really have any skin concerns or rashes though so have never had the opportunity to see if it helps with something like that but that’s great to know! My favourite scent is the Citrus. Although I’m currently using the Eucalyptus and that’s gorgeous as well.


@christined I am completely impressed by the ingredients, so rich and beautiful!! They are so luxurious, and if it shows amazing improvement in my skin just as an application to help my eczema, then as a daily soap must be Uhh-mazing!! I love it too! Eucalyptus is such a refreshing scent!! :smile::smile::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@ashavu it’s funny how different people experience different products. I have tried the Dr Bronners body washes in 2 or 3 different scents and have had to give them up as my dry skin just becomes drier with them sadly. I think that they are at a great price point and as a brand I like them - but this product has had to be relegated to the kitchen sink for hand washing for me.

I’m intrinsically lazy and I am on the constant hunt for that elusive product - the shower gel that is so hydrating that you don’t need to bother with moisturising afterwards…


@tinamiller Thats interesting, I am also learning about this product myself, I just started using it yesterday and was just blown away with how much my eczema redness was reducing and still is. The main ingrediant in this product, tea tree oil helps my particular case. Tea tree oil for centuries has helped eczema because of how it eats away at bacteria. However straight tea tree oil can be damaging, this product contains carrier oils such as olive oil and coconut oil which also helps. I have beccome so excited and enthusiasic to learn about my skin and what my skin needs. In the long run I hope this heals my eczema completely and I truly look forward to that day! Yayyyyyyyy!

This is a video clip by Cassandra Bankson who had many skin conditions and ended up going to dermatology school to learn about the science of skin. I find it so fascinating!! In regards to dryness, Cassandra says in this video that if the Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap isnt washed out very thorougly and used for more than 60 seconds she believes it will cause a lot of dryness and possibly irritation. She then continues to explain that the oils may be opening up something up in the skin and needs to be closed with an acid. I hope this helps you understand why it was causing this for you, and I hope you find your ideal shower gel! :slight_smile:


@ashavu I’m pretty quick in the shower but I don’t think I can wash that quickly! :grin: All of this range have sulfates in them as well which my dry skin doesn’t particularly like either - so I’ve been trialling a few shower gels that are no or low sulfates and I definitely haven’t been as dry as usual this winter. I have a pretty strong understanding of skin and how it works - I’m an ex wound specialist.


@tinamiller Ah yes this is true! Oh that’s wonderful to hear that you have found some better options! I am so glad for you, isn’t it an amazing feeling when you discover a product that works for your skin type! :smile::smile:!!


I use the Clarins Toner and Cleanser for normal/dry skin, Estee Lauder’s Night Repair serum day and night if I remember, and the Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair - as a night cream and the Dermalogica Intensive moisture balance during the day. I would like to purchase one of the skinceuticals serums as from what I have read they are packed with essential ingredient’s for good skin. Has any one used the skinceutical skin care range? I would love to get some feed back on what they are like and if they are worth buying. Thank you.


A friend of mine from Pakistan recommend Goree. I use it daily and it helps my skin keep moisturized and lighten some dark spots.


I use the Caudalie range and it’s so nice on the skin.


Sunscreen is nonnegotiable on a daily basis.


I highly recommend to use LAKME Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Cream.