What to order?!

What to order?!
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Hey guys :waving:

I am hoping to place an Adore order in the next day or 2, but am stuck on what to get, as my beloved Ultraceuticals is no longer available online. Please help!!!

My skin is combination (prone to a couple of breakouts or little congested bumps on forehead/jawline though can be a little flaky on the end of my nose etc), though in general is in pretty good shape. I can be a little sensitive, though in the past have been fine using Aesop fab face cleanser, Ultraceuticals ESTS, Ultraceuticals Ultra Eye Cream and various moisturisers, so imagine I will be fine with some low level actives. I am almost 24, so thinking of stepping it up a little so as to prevent any future damage and fine lines.

I was thinking of either the ASAP clearskin gel or Alpha-H liquid gold to replace my ESTS… Has anyone tried each of these? Would love your thoughts on which is most effective and comparable to the ESTS.

In terms of a cleanser, I’d love to try something new also to target the slight congestion (though dont want to dry my skin out either). I was looking at the Alpha-H triple action cleanser, though am also interested in Jurlique and Antipodes as I am a sucker for anything natural or that smells like gorgeous essential oils.

Lastly, I am also after an amazing pair of tweezers. I am so sick of going through multiple pairs which are useless at picking up fine/short hairs! Really only using these for eyebrows… I know Tweezerman do a few, though was confused as to which type would be the best for me…

I am by all means open to different suggestions if anyone feels that I may be better suited to alternative products. Ideally I guess I am aiming to prevent breakouts, maintain clear skin, and hydrate so as to prevent fine lines from occurring.

Thankyou in advance to anyone who takes the time to offer their thoughts :hugs:


I have combination skin as well and am 25 (nearly 26!) and my skin loves the Aesop range. (Fabulous Face Cleanser, Purifying Exfoliant Paste and the Mandarin Facial Moisturiser).

I love these tweezers: http://www.adorebeauty.com.au/tweezerman/tweezerman-slant-tweezer-stainless-steel.html Expensive but I’ve had them for a few years now and they are the best!