What Vitamin C products do you recommend?

What Vitamin C products do you recommend?


I want to buy a vitamin c product to help combat my pigmentation issues but I don’t know which brand to try. I’ve had the ordinary vitamin c suspension but I’m not really a fan. I keep hearing good things about the skinceuticals c e Ferulic but I don’t know if I can justify spending $200 every few months for it, especially if I can get something that is just as good (or almost as good :smile:) for less…


Not used skin ceuticals one (due to price ) but only read good things about it.
A paulas choice one is fairly high concentration Vit C.

On of nicest serums i have used if Lytera Brightening serum. Expensive though.

Its apparently easy to make your own (buy a sachet of ascorbic acid) but I’ve never been bothered.


@biancaallen why didn’t you like the Ordinary Vit C? The other Ordinary product that was recommended to me that’s apparently good as a Vit C product is the Ascorbyl Glucoside if you wanted to give that a crack.


Pigmentation is something deep down under our skin that appear to our skin surface from the result of 15-20yrs ago when we didn’t use sunscreen or good spf.
I believe we can’t remove it completely. The only thing that I can do now is to make sure I use spf 30-50 daily, exfoliate twice a week, use my rosehip oil/ beauty oil that can reduce the marks.
If it’s really big / a lot, I think you need to go to dermatologist to get a special cream.
$200/month is a lot of money for something that you can’t feel/ see the difference.
My friend went to do laser for the pigmentation, it’s gone and the tesult was great, but in 6 mths it comes back again. So it’s something deep down in our skin that comes to the surface.


I’ve been using Medik8 TetraC for a few weeks. It’s a nice texture and absorbs well. I use it daily in conjunction with the Medik8 white click, which I’ve been using for about four months along with microdermabrasion every six weeks. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my pigmentation and the brightness and clarity of my skin. My pigmentation is hormonal, melasma so laser will only make it worse.
From all I’ve read, the approach to pigmentation is multifaceted. But a good vit C serum is central to managing it.


I would definitely recommend to look at the ordinary range . It’s affordable and very very impressive products !!! Love it :heart_eyes:


@christined I didn’t like the grittiness of the ordinary’s vit c suspension… :blush:


@biancaallen did it help with the pigmentation at all though? I don’t think the grittiness would bother me. Just want to get a few pigment spots to fade :smiley:


I like asap’s Super C serum, it’s 20% L-ascorbic acid (the purest form of vit C) but isn’t gritty. It has a waterless formula so it does feel a bit silicone-y when you apply it, I prefer to use it at night for that reason as foundations/sunscreens can ball up a bit on top of it.

edited to add: plus it’s pretty good bang for buck!