What's everyone's favourite base coat?

What's everyone's favourite base coat?


I did a search but couldn’t find a thread about base coats. So what’s your favourite?


I use and love OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base coat. It’s matte finish means polish applies perfectly on top, and I get some nail hardening in there as well!


I used to use Manicare Ridge Filler but I think they discontinued it. For the rare occasions I actually wear nail polish, is there another brand on the market?


I love Jordana nails be long base coat. It’s a base coat and lengthens your nails. Also for its reasonably amazing price it’s a must have


I have just started using CND stickey base coat. I love it. It really makes my polish last longer and my nails are not so discoloured.


OPI base coat


Matt Nail envy’s OPI base coat is my favorite and i love it…