What's On Your Christmas Beauty Wishlist?

What's On Your Christmas Beauty Wishlist?


Any beauty products you guys are hoping to get for Christmas?

In no particular order below are some goodies I’m hoping Santa will bring me for Christmas… In fact I’ll probably just shamelessly plug this post to some of my family to give them unabashed hints :joy:.

-We all love a bit of Alpha-H right? Can’t go past this gift pack.

-I’ve been obsessed with the Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste but keen to try their other products. I’m also a bit of a travel junkie so I would love this travel pack from them.

I love Burt’s Bees and have had my eye on their tinted lip oil

A couple more shades of the Gerard liquid to matte lipstick to add to the collection! I already have Immortal, 1995 and Wine Down. Keen for some Ruby Slipper action!


I would love:

  • the lancome foundation $57
  • becca under eye brightener
  • eleven miracle hair treatment
  • hylamide pore delete

Just waiting for the next adorebeauty freebie giveaway w purchase and ill be ordering!


@lisatarasenko the Becca under eye brightener is awesome!
I’m also keen on the Hylamide Pore Delete actually now that you mention it


Laura Mercier secret concealer and secret brightening powder - that combo takes 10 years off me I reckon! Lol A gift certificate for a facial at the Adore Beauty clinic :wink: and the Lumira travel candle in rose…so many things…what I actually NEED is a mirror with lighting around it and magnification as my poor old eyes need a bit of help these days… this just brushes the top of all the things I would like…so greedy!


@christined how is the black chicken deodorant. I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant but nothing truly impresses me… I sweat like a pig! :joy:

I want the Lancome foundation too


Milani foundation
Instant Argan Glow Moroccan Argan Oil


@luzfernandayevenes Ok so here’s the thing. I LOVE it but no natural deodorant stops sweating because aluminium is the active ingredient in non-natural deodorants which stops sweating. BUT The Black Chicken deodorant STOPS you smelling. I used it when I was recently on holidays in the Philippines which was hot and tropical and yes I did sweat (I do think the bicarb in it helps absorb some of the sweat though) but I didn’t smell at all. It also has a nice natural Aesop like scent.


Thanks! I might have to try it then :wink:


Hi, girls!

My sister had her baby Sophie almost 4 years ago, and she is struggling with body image ever since.

I was thinking to go ahead and spoil her with a body sculpting procedure!

What do you think? :slight_smile: