What's on your nails right now?

What's on your nails right now?


OPI Miami Beet on my fingers :heartbeat:


Oooh love that one, Elms, I have it on my toes at the moment.

Essie Rock Candy. Smudged. Does anyone else find Essie takes aaaaaaaages to dry?? I don’t seem to have as much trouble with OPI and Zoya.


Not sure DF, as I always use my Poshe :slight_smile:


They take no time at all I find,as I always use my Seche :wink:


China Glaze - Hey Sailor !! love it


[QUOTE=JDCreations;455512]China Glaze - Hey Sailor !! love it[/QUOTE]

Love the effect of the feature nail JD!

Becca Tangerine Dream.


OPI Up Front and Personal on fingers
OPI A Grape Fit on toes (had a pedicure yesterday, I love this colour!)


A Grape Fit sounds really fun, Haps!

I am wearing Essie Lollipop on fingers - this is my PERFECT red, slightly orange juicy red.

OPI Miami Beet on toes.


I did my toes in Chanel Peridot last night.


What’s on your nails right now?

Did my fingers yesterday with Butter London Wallis


We match! :wink:


OPI The One That Got Away (Katy Perry collection) on toes.


Pedi - Orly Lana
Mani - Zoya Lulu


I’ve decided looking after my nails is my least favourite beauty thing EVER! Drives me insane.

However, it’s warming up in Melbs so I’m going home tonight to do some TLC on them - and going to use my new Essie Flirt.


Today I got my nails Shellac’d after hearing Pixie and VH’s raves. I got it in the gorgeous Tropic Coral.

I can see this becoming a regular appointment - SO much better than traditional polish and she does a much better job than me, haha. Getting it done for my wedding, for sure. :worship:


What’s on your nails right now?

Very nice! I heart Shellac. Wish i could get it done all the time too. Be perfect for your wedding. What colour are you thinking?


Hmm probably the traditional French manicure or a classic true red. Maybe even a reverse mani like Dita.




Thanks girls. I love it! Quick dry and long lasting - :heartbeat:


Looks great DF!! Ladies how long does your Shellac last on fingers? Mine tends to look a bit grown-out and starts to lift after 5-6 days but I had a client come in complaining that hers looked shabby after about four days. I’d be interested to know how you guys go. I suspect there might be a difference in the wear time of people who do office work as opposed to working with their hands.