What's your favorite skin care brand?

What's your favorite skin care brand?


i have been blessed with good skin but now at nearly 50 have the obvious signs of aging. I tried the Ordinary products - bought a heap and love them. I don’t think they are necessarily any better than the expensive stuff I was using (Clinque, Elizabeth Arden, Dermalogica, Lancome) but it’s certainly no worse so hands down it wins as amazing value for money. I don’t like the Vitamin C - it feels very grainy on my skin - but all the rest feel luxurious given what I paid! The product seems to last for ages too … spreading your dollars even further. Do your research tho - there are so many products and some can’t be used with each other. Overall I’m hooked. Buffet, Argireline, Retanoid serum and rose hip oil are my favs. The silicone primer is amazing too.


Hi @lisasmart I know what you mean about the grainy texture. I have it and although I quite like it I can only use it in the evenings before I sleep. Have you tried their other Vit C? Apparently this one isn’t grainy so you might like it better.


@lisasmart yeah I am quite interested in The Ordinary brand now based on everyone’s recommendations. I’m currently researching which products to use to create a proper daily routine. It’s a bit of an effort but I’m quite excited about it :stuck_out_tongue:


hahah yes … there is soooo many to chose from … my first order was about 8 of them but find i really only use 4 of them daily … Hyalorinic Acid, Buffet, Agrilene and then the retanoid or Rose Hip Oil at night. Still use the other s - Matrixyl, Vit C and Niacinamide (if i have a break out), just not daily. On price alone its worth a go an there is such ahuge range, there is somethingto suit everyone’s skin type. I’m totally hoked … actually obsessed. :slight_smile:


@lisasmart hahaha i know!! I was totally obsessively looking up all their products yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: and there’s this guide on Adore that’s totally helpful for newbies like me to the brand


I’ve got a tentative list at the moment but I’m doing more research and I’ll post them here later once I’ve got it figured out

For the moment, the hyaluronic acid is a definite top on my list though


@katrinazabarte @lisasmart Not sure if you guys saw this one but we also had a Q&A with one of the co-founders of The Ordinary on the Adore forum a couple of months ago. Lots of helpful stuff from her in The Ordinary Q&A here ! :slight_smile:


Ooooh I have a few brands that I regularly use, Alpha H’s sleepy peely mask thingy (no coffee yet sorry) and their Liquid Gold, I’ve finished the Rose Gold and I think next time I will go back to that - my skin likes the extra botanicals. I also use a bit of K Beauty and like Laneige, Tony Moly and Prestige. I also like a few of the Ordinary products.


Definitely asap. Hands down. As a Beauty Editor I’ve tried A LOT of skincare, and I always go back to asap (my fave products are the gentle cleansing gel and DNA Renewal serum). Highly recommend.


@christined oh! I didn’t know about this one. Thanks for linking this in. I’ll definitely have a read through :smiley:


@tinamiller cool! I have a sample of the Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex with Cucumber and Vitamin B5. I have yet to try it but pretty excited. Also, can you tell me which The Ordinary products do you like?


@joannafleming Based on your post, I have just looked up the Gentle Cleansing Gel and I am very much intrigued! I have now added it to my wishlist so thank you :smiley:


Liquid gold is fantastic. You won’t be disappointed


@anabeldipaolo I just looked it up. Seems really good! Do you think it’s suitable for sensitive skin though?


They have a liquid gold rose which is supposed to be more gentle on the skin, designed for sensitive skin


@anabeldipaolo Oooh, thank you! I’ve added it to my wishlist now :smiley: looks like my next purchase will be quite a big haul HAHA :laughing:


@katrinazabarte I’ve tried a few TO products and the ones I’ll go back to are the niacinamide, the Vit C 30% in silicone and the lactic acid 5%. I’d love to know what you think of the Alpha H eye cream. I’m yet to be convinced that eye creams are worth the dollars…


@tinamiller oooh, thanks for that. I’ll keep note of those! My wishlist is now brimming with choices :stuck_out_tongue:
as for the eye complex, i’ll be sure to let you know!! I agree that I normally am not convinced with eye creams as well but it’s a sample so great way to try it out! :smiley:


Hylamide, Alpha H and Sukin are my skin saviours! My skin is also sensitive and dehydrated, which is the absolute worst! But I’ve never had a problem with any of the brands I’ve mentioned and to be honest, my skin couldn’t live without them.


Since joining Adore Beauty I have been using the Dermalogica Skincare products and I really like them. I had never used them before. In the past I used Estee Lauder and Clarins which are good but I find the skin care ingredient’s in the Dermalogica to be very good. I use the Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser and it really feels nourishing on my skin. I also love the Thalgo under eye creams as they feel refreshing and moisturising. The Ella Bache Exfoliator is good too and smell’s wonderful.


@melissamurphy Dermalogica is a really good brand. I was using it before for a long time. It stopped being effective for me though, which was why I ended up switching to other products. You did mention you use an under eye cream, how effective is it for you? Whenever I try out a new under eye cream, I can’t seem to see much difference LOL but I’m always willing to give another product a go :stuck_out_tongue: