What's your favorite skin care brand?

What's your favorite skin care brand?


Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel
Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment,
are the two best skincare brand which u can use it without any fear & get good results.


@vishnupriya thanks for the recommendations!! I’ll be looking them up :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!! :christmas_tree:


@christined I got the deodorant paste for sensitive skin!!

Ooh and merry Christmas from my little elf in the background :laughing: :christmas_tree:


Oh let me know how you like it @katrinazabarte! I love it. I haven’t tried the sensitive version. I’d be curious to know how it compares to the normal version. Merry Christmas!


@katrinazabarte Merry christmas


Nyassa from beauty and heaven is my favorite Skin brand . The products at Nyassa are totally natural and vegetarian with no added harsh chemicals to enhance your skin performance also they give quality results within limited period of time.


@samsharma oh wow! I’m really into finding brands that are natural and ethical - so thank you for the recommendation :smile: I’ll do a bit more research on the brand but what’s your go-to product with Nyassa?


Hi guys,

I’ve been doing a HEAP of research lately and am keen to share. I came across a makeup artist that was talking about L-ascorbic acid (pure form of Vit C) and how it is water soluble and therefore reasonably unstable. So, when producing a beauty product with Vit C in it, you have the choice of including it in either a water based solution or an oil based solution. When adding it to a water based solution you end up with a really smooth product, however the water speeds up the oxidation of the product which gradually reduces the effectiveness of the Vit C to the point that at around 6months you have a product with virtually no Vit C in it. You can, however, slow down the oxidation by adding it to an oil based solution, but because Vit C is water soluble it repels from the oil and ends up having a grainy texture. So while this is not as smooth as some products, you can be confident that the Vit C in the product will last longer/be more effective.

I’ve just checked the write-up on the The Ordinary Vit C suspension and they do in fact make a big claim about this product being water-free and acknowledge that it’s grainy - they also claim that the product is oil free too?
They talk about how they reduce the graininess in their other Vit C products by adding silicone , but keep in mind that this will produce a slight barrier between your skin and the Vit C - kinda defeats the purpose…

So silky Vit C products are likely to contain water and so have diminishing effectiveness. The Ordinary product is likely to be more effective over a longer period but comes with a slightly grainy texture. I guess you just choose which one you can live with.


@zanna Wow! Thank you so much for that detailed explanation. It will certainly help me with making a decision about Vit C products. I would definitely go for the more grainy texture as I would prefer the longevity of its effectiveness rather than my discomfort at the time of application


Also thanking you for the suggestion. I’m currently reading through the forum topics as I’m in search of new skincare. Recently been using Alpha-H, and although the first two weeks my skin looked great, it’s now after almost 2 months, it’s not doing much for me at all now. So disappointed to be starting my search all over again, but am looking up your recommendation!


Hi, Kylie!
Glad I helped slight_smile:
It is a common problem for a lot of girls, skin just get used to the ingredients, and the change is not so obvious. Maybe you should try some organic products and be persistent.

Best od luck!


I’ve just ordered a sample from a company called Happy Skincare. I thought maybe simplifying my routine might be better for me and I loved an oil cleanser from Moogoo many years ago which changed my skin from super oily to more combination, so started looking for natural skincare. I know some naturals have lots of essential oils which can be bad so I’ve been reasearching and researching and feel my head might exploded! I keep bouncing between a few companies, but thought I’d try Happy as they have a great sample pack to trial, so if it doesnt work I won’t have wasted too much money.

Mind you, I decided I should dig out all of my samples from Adore (and boy there were a few!) and I tried the Dermalogica charcoal mask and WOW! My skin feels amazing. Hopefully though I find my match and it’s a bit more affordable. :wink:


Thank’s for your feedback on the Dermalogica charcoal mask as I haven’t tried it as yet but wanting to.
I may give it a go.


You’re very welcome @melissamurphy! I was on ebay over the weekend and thought I’d check for any skincare samples and found a sample tube of the Dermalogica Charcoal Masque for under $20 so of course I had to buy it. I’d say I’ll get a few uses out of the little tube so that will give me more of an idea of whether I go ahead and buy the full size. :smiley:


@kyliecavanough and @melissamurphy I’ve tried the mask before and I have to say that it worked really well for my skin in the past. My skin would feel great after using it :smile:


I’m in love with it after just a small sachet sample! When my skin broke out terribly and I had 3 pimples that wouldn’t budge I decided to try the mask. AMAZING! It soothed those pimples, and the following morning 2 were just tiny dots and the one that had decided it was never leaving my face was so much smaller and calmer. And I couldn’t stop touching my skin - it just felt so lovely!


I’m a massive fan of asap and dermalogica products. :heart_eyes:


Sorry for the late reply. The under eye cream I use in Dermalogica is the intensive eye cream and I do like it but will probably try the Jurlique eye cream as recommended by one of the Adore Beauty bloggers on this page. I have read a few comments about the Jurlique eye cream and it sound’s very good.


@melissamurphy oooh, once you’ve tried it do let me know how you go? I’d love to hear your feedback on it


Kora Organics and Alpha H.
Only 2 brands in my bathroom :heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: