What's your favourite body wash?

What's your favourite body wash?
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I’ve gone through so many different body washes in my lifetime as I always like trying something new. Over the last 2 years Dr Bronner has been my staple! I love that it’s made with organic fair trade ingredients and that you can use it for various types of soaps and washes.
I’m slowly trying all the scents… So far I’ve gone through lavender, rose, cherry blossom and currently using a bottle of the citrus which I think might be my fave so far!
What’s your fave body wash?


By chance, I came across A’kin body wash, and now I love it so much. At the moment, I’m enjoying Akin Aromatherapy Sandalwood Body Wash. It’s really hydrating and the scent is mild but addicting, if I say so myself.


I love the smell of sandalwood. That sounds divine! I do sometimes just worry woody scents might be a bit masculine though. Is it subtle enough to still be feminine @sophienguyen ?


I worry about that too because sandalwood is usually a scent we mostly smell on men, but it’s not masculine at all. It’s just a mild and relaxing scent.


Besides for Dr.Bronner Liquid Soap another favourite of mine is the Philosophy Amazing Grace Bath Shower Gel. It smells beautiful (exactly like the perfume) and lathers really well!


I have a few favourite body washes that I have repurchased!

  • My fav for all skin types: Aesop Rose By Any Other Name.
    THIS SMELLS AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s like a green rose with a definite clean spice/cardamom scent. It cleans thoroughly without being stripping or anything like that, and the scent lingers just enough.

  • My fav for drier skin: Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash.
    This is more of a straight up fresh rose, and it has a really nice creamy lather that feels comfortable on the skin. Weleda is such an under-rated brand IMO!

Aesop is nice all year round, but Weleda is perfect for winter :smiley:


omg omg omg… I’m a sucker for rose scents. Need to try these @Shannon_staff!


Yessssss the Aesop one in particular! Hahahaa I’ve bought it as a gift a few times and only heard raves back :smiley:

Sidebar: I still can’t be convinced that it’s offensive to buy someone body wash as a gift lmao #controversialopinion


I love buying different Body Wash products, particularly when I travel, as they’re a nice way to remember experiences in other places. I usually have 2-3 going in the shower and then more in the cupboard to rotate in and out. I like uplifting citrus/mint smells in the morning and soothing scents like cinnamon/sandalwood/lavender in the evening. If I’m going to be wearing a really good perfume straight after the shower then I stick to unscented.

Some of my favourites:

  • Sans
    I discovered this on a business trip to Auckland - it was in the hotel room bathroom and you can be assured that I pinched all of those samples! Their body cream is excellent too and both are unscented which is great when I’m about to throw on expensive perfume and don’t want a fragrance clash.

  • Antipodes Nirvana Wash
    Air New Zealand use this on their planes and I’m obsessed. Love it and very excited that Adore is now selling it.

  • Sukin
    A great size at an approachable price point, especially when there are kids using the shower and pumping way too much on to a loofah!

  • Sensatia Rosemary Mint
    One that I stock up on when I’m in Bali. I love the fresh and uplifting scent in the morning.

  • Aesop Coriander Seed Wash
    I buy this in summer and my husband really likes it which is helpful! Means one less wash in the shower during those months!

  • Byron Bay Skin Care Cinnamon and Clove Wash
    One I picked up on a recent weekend in Byron. Super relaxing in the evening and makes me dream of warmer weather (and apple pies!)


I have the Pure Grace and adore it.


Washing the skin with soap can disturb the pH balance. I use Avocado body wash. It has a pleasant aroma and keeps your skin oft and supple. The natural ingredients restores your skin. Dr. Bronner products are good as these are natural and organic. Always go for natural things. It works amazingly.


@katebrownell I love Dr Bronner as well! What’s your favourite Dr Bronner scent?


@christined I am using bath pearls from sephora collection from 6 months. I love its aroma.


I love L’Occitane Almond Shower oil beautifully moisturising or in summer I always crave citrus type scents, so love Verbena Shower Gel. JURLIQUE Body Exfoliating Gel is another favourite.


I love fresh citrus body washes. If anyone could suggest one that would be great!

Also, my partner has been promoted and is now having to wear long slack and long shirts all day. he is having some issues over heating and getting sweaty.
Can anyone suggest great strong wash and deodorant for men?


My newest favourite is Lollia Green Tea and Honeysuckle - so divine.


@annettebisinella just saw this post from you. I highly recommend the Dr Bronner citrus body wash. I love the Dr Bronner range and this scent is one of my faves. Really fresh and lemony with a touch of orange. It’s all natural and can also be used for a whole range of washing uses (laundry, cleaning detergent) depending on how you dilute it etc.


This does sound right up my alley! I am going to pop this into my wishlist for my next order. Thank you @christined


Hey @annettebisinella been thinking about this one… I’m really no expert in men’s deodorant but would he consider a natural deodorant? I know they don’t stop you sweating but ever since I started using the Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste I’ve just noticed I REALLY don’t smell anymore and it lasts all day. I do still sweat a bit but not as much. It has a really nice neutral woody scent too.


I had actually run this past him becasue of your fabulous reviews on the product. But he said he isnt sure he would like to use a paste. But, I think its worth trying and if he doesnt like it, I might give it a go myself! Thanks @christined