What's your favourite body wash?

What's your favourite body wash?
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I just saw this thread pop up and thought to add one that was given to me as a gift recently Lollia ‘Dream’ shower gel. Green Tea with Honeysuckle and bergamot - oh my lord…so lovely.


I’ve been using the Trilogy bodywash and wow - so good! I was worried it would run out too fast because my other fave, Neutrogena rainbath ran out so quickly. But the trilogy one smells heavenly and also is a big bottle. Apparently you can add it to running bath water to make a bubblebath but haven’t tried it yet :slight_smile: https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/trilogy/trilogy-botanical-body-wash.html


m sorry i have not uses any body wash, just use only soap whatever i have. u suggest me any body wash ill try to use it.


I didn’t really know much about Dr Bronner’s soaps, but had definitely heard that they were good. I’m searching for some skincare for my husband, (something that looks masculine so he won’t mind me slipping it into his shower) when I came across Dr Bronner so did a little reading. How amazing does it sound! So I’ve done a search and found you (again) @christined :slight_smile: I’m thinking I just might have to get the sample pack so I can have a bottle in every room. Face, body, hair, dishes, laundry, floor - what can’t it do!!
Is citrus still your fave @christined?


@kyliecavanough I can’t rave about Dr Bronner enough! It’s amazing for travel because you can use it across the board for cleansing, cleaning, washing. I think citrus is still my favourite. I remember doing a google about it before I bought it and a lot of people said lavender was their favourite so I tried it. It was nice but I’m just not a lavender person so it wasn’t really my jam. My Mum loves it though.
I did recently also try eucalyptus which was lovely and fresh and might be a good masculine scent for your husband? Otherwise I’ve seen that there’s a limited edition Earl Grey scent which I’m keen to try.
They also have a non-scented option and a lot of people mentioned they’ve bought the non-scented and just added a couple of drops of their favourite essential oil to make their own scent!