What's your favourite hair curling tool?

What's your favourite hair curling tool?


Although I have naturally curly hair, it’s really a bit of a hot mess without some styling help so I’ll often tackle a curling wand to help keep things tame when I opt for curls. I currently use a Cloud Nine wand which does the job but not sure I love the whole conical shaped wand. I’d love to be able to do GHD curls but just not very good at it.
I’ve had a stylist use their Cloud Nine ‘O’ curlers on me before and they are divine! So saving my pennies for that next.

What are your favourites and recommendations when it comes to curling?


Ohhh too many.
I have an ancient GHD straightener which I can do curls with and is still going strong.
I also have a Cloud Nine iron which works well too.

In the wand department I have two, a Babyliss Pro plus a GHD Curve. The Babyliss takes forever to heat up but does last well, though I need to do it a few hours before going anywhere as I look like Curly Sue till it drops :confused: The GHD wand heats up in about two seconds and gives a great result straight away, though it is too big/fat for me I think, the curls look perfect straight after but they drop out too much after a few hours.


I have the GHD curve wand. It’s a little bit tricky to get the hang of first up as you have to wind and hold the hair yourself, but once you master it the curls you create are gorgeous and stay all day. As the wand is more oval than round it creates a natural looking curl and once they are brushed out are the perfect shape for me. Plus I think that anything GHD is quality and professional


The MUK curl stick (unfortunately not stocked by adore beauty :cry:) is amazing! My curls last for days after using it!


I am 58 years old with course frizzy curly hair. I have used every styler on the market. You name it I’ve used it, including numerous heated rollers, lotions and potions. For me it’s the GHD. I have the straightener and the wand. I have a great hairdresser who lets me have a practice whilst she is straightening or curling my hair. I know they are expensive but I think they are the best.