What's your favourite hair straightening iron?

What's your favourite hair straightening iron?


This is my biggest “can’t live without” beauty tool! I’ve tried a few but landed on the Cloud9 straightening iron a few years ago. I’ve got the larger/wider iron for my thick hair and I’ve never looked back.
Which straightening iron have you guys found works best for you?


Cloud9 is a good brand too, but I’ve found that my hair is in love with Ghd’s Gold V Max Styler. I bought it online, and I’ve just been obsessed with it! The straightening (or curling) effects lasts much longer, which isn’t an easy feat for me to achieve because I have really thick hair. And it doesn’t dry it out, which is the most important factor for me.

So yeah, that’s what I’m loving right now.


Oh this sounds awesome @sophienguyen! I have really thick hair as well and a curling wand curl will fall out of my hair in a few hours. So a Gold V Mac styler is better than a normal Ghd?


One of the things women like us with thick hair have to endure, eh? :smile:

To be honest, this is my first Ghd, so I won’t really have any base of comparison, but when I was choosing which one to go for, this seems to be slightly better, review-wise, (and slightly pricier) than the rest.