What's your favourite mascara?

What's your favourite mascara?
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I’ve been using L’Oreal Telescopic for the past couple of years. I really like the shorter rubber bristle brushes and find it really lengthens my lashes but I do find that after a few hours I get mascara flakes under my eyes. So as Sting once sang, ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’.
For the love of lashes, please throw your recommendations at me?

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I received a sample of the Clinique High Impact Mascara and it’s probably my favourite now. I don’t think it gets enough praise to be honest. The mascara never clumps, the brush always glides through each lash and you’re left with a natural looking, slightly longer and more fabulous set of lashes. This is definitely one for everyday!


I really love the Estée Lauder double wear lengthening mascara. It’s a tubing mascara so it is easily removed in the shower under warm water and gently running your finger tips across your lashes with your eyes closed. It doesn’t flake or smudge! Very good my lashes but better mascara :grin:

Another one which I’m loving because the brush is similar to Benefit They’re Real is the Lancome Volume a porter! The brush is a little more gentle when applying and allows you to get into the roots of your lashes without being prickly. It doesn’t clump and the brush allows for definition and length even though it’s got Volume in the name. Removal is easy with a Micellar water so no harsh tugging around the eye area. I sometimes notice slight smudging after a long day in the outer corners of my eyes but it’s easily corrected.


Benefits rollerlash, perfect small brush to grab every lash and doesnt smudge but easy to remove.


I still love the Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara, I have tried many but always come back to this one.


I think mine would be “They’re Real” from Benefit. I picked the travel sized one up as an impulse buy and it was terrific. I’ve tried a few different ones since then (Shu Uemura, Too Faced Better than Sex, Guerlain le 2 de Guerlain). All good but none quite match up to Benefit’s.


@sophiejames I’ve seen “They’re Real” around and have always been curious. Is it good with both length and volume?


pretty hard to beat that name!


For me it is, but my lashes are luckily quite long. It definitely makes them look a lot thicker and more luxuriant because when it goes on it coats them individually and doesn’t clump them at all.


Love it @sophiejames. Will have to give it a try! x


@sophiejames Totally agree. Once I tried ‘They’re Real’ a few years ago I have never turned back. SO GOOD.


Roller lash by benefit is also great. It lengthens, defines and thickens. Ive tried they’re real mascara but find the wand on the roller lash easier to use and a more defined lash.


@emmaporter what kind of brush is it? Bristles or rubber?


Its rubber but shorter and more dense “bristles” with a curved wand that “grab” onto your lashes. The they’re real one is also rubber but straight wand and longer “bristles” I find it hard to get close to the eye without stabbing myself haha

Heres an image I found on the internet
Both are great but personally love the effect of the roller lash


Oh awesome! Those are my favourite types of mascara wands! I find them so much easier to use… I totally end up almost stabbing my eye with the standard bristles as well and feel like the short rubber ones distribute the mascara much better too! Are they also good as far as not flaking and giving you panda eyes?


Hahaha glad I’m not the only one! :grin:

I dont find it to be flakey at all and doesn’t smudge. Well, it did once when I went a bit crazy with some moisturizer but it was only the slightest bit only I could notice at the end of the day. You can purchase mini sizes of these if you dont want to commit to the full size just yet. Plus a bonus is that the packaging is super cute!


You know what works for me, good old MAYBELLINE. I just buy what ever big lash is on sale at the time I need to buy some. Either on Adore, or supermarket, chemist warehouse, priceline. Everywhere seems to stock it. Alot of the time chemist warehouse do 50% off MAYBELLINE range. So thats when I buy a few and stock up!
PS. If your willing to spend the extra money, benefit mascaras are great!


I’ve always either gone for Maybelline or Benefit Mascara - HOWEVER, I was kindly given the Pur Mineral- Big Look Mascara. This has now changed my world. It has a really dark black pigment and makes my lashes so long and luscious. And I swear my lashes are healthier than ever, and they help the growth of my natural lashes.


The Mirennese secret weapon organic mascara! what i love is that when you go to remove it, you use water and pull on your lashes gently, and the mascara comes off like little tubular casings… no panda eyes and no eye make up remover needed.

Weirdly enough though, this is actually waterproof, because unless you pull on your lashes to get the mascara off, it doesn’t come off.

And cruelty free… big bonus for me


@vanessa_w I’m really curious about the PUR mascara now. Those rubber brushes are always a winner for me! How does it wear through the day? Any flaking/smudging? Does it wash off easily?