Where to get Acrylic Nails in Melbourne?

Where to get Acrylic Nails in Melbourne?


Hi guys!

I know we had a thread recently about manicures at home vs salon, but I’m a die hard acrylic girl, and I’m too scared to do them myself. I’m having trouble finding a nail salon I’m in love with - I keep going to places in shopping centres that I feel aren’t the most reliable with their work.

I’ve had a look at Miss Fox but $100+ for nails is getting up there :scream:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a really great place to go?


@alexandraraymond I’ve never been, but I’ve heard French Pink in the CBD is great!


@alexandraraymond all I can say is $100 for nails when you get a glass of bubbles is good value in my books :joy: (I’m a sucker for champagne though)