Which brand do you prefer?

Which brand do you prefer?



Do you NARS or Bobbi Brown? I am looking into replacing my current make up with either Bobbi Brown or NARS.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Sarah, while both brands are good quality, I prefer to stay away from them myself as they are not cruelty free. (They test on animals). Some cruelty free brands that I love and find are great quality are hourglass, too faced, urban decay and becca… just to name a few.


Thank you!


Both brands are ok but still I prefer NARS because Bobbi Brown is a very luxury brand, and if you financially sound then go for Bobbi Brown. It is the best one.


I would like to say Nars, just because I’ve used Nars before and not Bobbi Brown. The Sheer Glow foundation and its Radiant Creamy Concealer were the only foundations and concealers I’ve ever used up in recent years!.