Which celeb make-up looks do you love?

Which celeb make-up looks do you love?


Ok it’s celeb make-up look inspiration time… You know you have your faves so it’s time to share!

I guess I tend to look for celebs who may have similar skin tones to me so that I can see what would work with my colourings. I’m Filipino/German but somehow tend to get mistaken for Hispanic more than anything else with my olive skin and dark features. Though her hair is lighter than mine, I love Jessica Alba’s make-up looks! I love these two posted below. For evenings I love a red classic lip with fairly natural makeup or a smokier eye. Otherwise I love keeping colours pretty neutral with browns, blacks and bronzier colours around the eye and a nude lip!


I really think I could rock this look… maybe not with the headpiece?

I love the long wavy locks and the pale skin and I think with some eyebrow tweaking and maybe a bit of lip plumping I could get away with it.


@tresnalee I am obsessed with Gal Gadot after watching Wonder Woman! She’s so beautiful!


Mine isn’t a particular celeb, but I love every makeup look Hung Vanngo does. LOVE this burgundy on Deepika Padukone.


That’s so beautiful @vanessa_w I don’t think I could pull off the burgundy around the eyes! Feel like I would end up looking like a zombie! ha


I agree! I’d probably wear fake tan to pull off this look, cause I would feel the exact same!


I am all about Margot Robbie. I love that she’s bringing back that classic Hollywood glamour - dark brows, bright hair and red lips.


I love that look @jackie_d! And it so works for you!


Wow! Those brows and lips :raised_hands: