Which foundation do you use and which would you recommend?

Which foundation do you use and which would you recommend?


Hi, I’m looking for a new foundation to try. I want something that leaves the skin dewy and not too matte. I want it to last but not be too heavy, lightweight, not oily and no caking. My skin is normal with dryness on the cheeks at times. Any recommendations?


@anabeldipaolo I used the Inika liquid mineral foundation with Hyaluronic Acid in it. It gives beautiful dewey finish. If I want to make it a little more heavyweight and matte I dust some mineral powder foundation over the top.

Otherwise I also recommend the Becca Aqualuminous foundation for a dewey look with a slight glow.


Thanks for the recommendations. The Becca one looks really good. Another I’ve been meaning to try is the Estée Lauder Double West foundation. I’ve read some good reviews about it.


Estée Lauder is not cruelty free.
I recommend Inika, La Mav and Designer Brands.
They are all beautifully lightweight, lasting and the prices are varied, according to your budget.


Hey, I’m loving the Designer Brands Hydrating Luminous Foundation at the moment. Buildable coverage, breatheable and a great price point! Worth a shot if you don’t want to spend too much.


Designer Brands is on my opinion, by far and away the best - luminous, really hydrating and at $20 excellent value


LOVING the designer brands foundation! And definitely LOVING THE PRICE!!! Have similar skin, suffer dryness around the mouth area.


Thanks everyone for the tips. Looks like I need to try Designer Brands.


Has anyone tried the Becca foundation?


@anabeldipaolo I’ve tried the Becca. It’s lovely and I love the slight glow it gives. It is a lighter foundation though as far as coverage goes but you can just apply it a little thicker if you need heavier coverage.


Would you recommend using it with BECCA BLOTTING POWDER PERFECTOR?


@anabeldipaolo The Double wear foundation is a very matte long wear foundation and may not be ‘dewy’ enough for you. I love the Laura Mercier foundation, IT cosmetics CC cream and Cailyn’s BB fluid compact are all lovely, lightweight and sit nicely on dry skin.


Hey hi i use Bobbi Brown, & i suggest u too to use this fundation. its suits all types of skin
Bobbi Brown


Hey, I would definitely recommend the Designer Brands “Luminous Hydrating Foundation” especially considering the price point. I’ve tried so many foundations over the years and this one is a winner!


I have been using Adorn Mineral makeup for a few years now.
I have tried 100s over the last decade and it is the most natural looking for me with great coverage and natural ingredients.
I purchased the Designer Brands one recently as my skin was dry from winter and I needed something more hydrating. It truly is great value. A nice,natural coverage that leaves skin looking dewy. Would definitely recommend