Which oils do you use for skincare?

Which oils do you use for skincare?


I’ve always only really used rosehip oil for my skin but after reading some of Nicola Kilner’s amazing answers in the Q&A on The Ordinary I’m inspired to try some of the other oils she mentioned, particularly the Squalane.

What oils have you guys tried on your skin and what do you love?


@christined I use oils on a daily basis and have for a while… The main skincare brand I’ve used is Antipodes and I’ve used their Avocado and Rosehip oil, Chia seed oil, and I’ve also used Botani Olive oil skin serum.


Hey @ina_j I’ve only ever been on the rosehip bandwagon. What are the differences and benefits of Chia Seed oil and an Olive oil skin serum?


@christined So the Antipodes Chia Seed oil serum actually also contains kiwifruit seed oil too and this one contains lots of antioxidants and fatty acid to help lock in moisture for dry skin. The Botani olive skin serum contains olive squalene which similarly has lots of antioxidant and also increase moisture in the skin and lock it in. Both are really great!


Awesome @ina_j ! And do you recommend one above using rosehip? Like if you were to only use a single oil which would be your top pick?


@christined Hmmm I think Rosehip oil is great its in own way… I do like the olive skin serum over the chia and kiwifruit seed oil since it feels lighter. It also helps with redness and scarring.


I swear by argan & jojoba oil! (combo & acne-prone) I’m using Josie Maran Light Argan Oil & the Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil at the moment. I mix a few drops of each into my moisturiser morning and night. They’ve both improved my skin so much! Would highly recommend to anyone who is having clarity/oiliness issues.


Sounds gorgeous @georgie_h. Have you used Rosehip before? How does argan & Jojoba compare to rosehip?


Avocado Oil. Best for Dry, sensitive, or irritated skin


I use the Clarins Blue Orchard Face Oil for Dry and Dehydrated skin. My skin can feel really dry at times.This face oil was recommended through a friend. You only need a little bit otherwise it can feel a bit greasy. It has the most beautiful soft fragrance which you will love, also has some good ingredients. I have read quite a bit about the Rosehip oils so I will buy one of these next time. I would recommend the Clarins Blue Orchard Face oil, has anyone else tried it?


Thank’s for sharing about the Antipodes skin care as I have been thinking about buying it for a change in my skincare products> It is quite a bit cheaper than what I am currently using. I read on one of the beauty and skincare sites that the night cream has Avocado and Pear in it? Has anyone used the night cream?


It really depends on your skin type and your concerns :slight_smile: But in general jojoba or macadamia oil are great because their chemical structure is so close to our natural oil that it balances our oil production, so if our skin is too oily it will reduce it and vice versa if your skin’s a bit dry! Jojoba is also incredibly hydrating, rosehip is great for rejuvenating the skin and for pigmentation, almond, apricot and argan oil are great sources of vitamin E, Avocado is great for omega’s and an antioxidant hit, and Grapeseed oil is amazing for acne prone and oily skins as it’s anti-inflammatory and a natural gentle astringent :smile: They’re just my favourite.